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Houston, We Have a Problem – Prepare For Landing!

by | Feb 18, 2020

Landing pages. The unsung hero of many a social media campaign.

Put it this way, if you’re getting your landing page wrong, you shouldn’t even bother with clicks-to-website posts or ads….

Don’t worry though; this post is going to make sure you know exactly what a landing page is, how to get it right and how to connect it to a campaign to achieve the best possible results.

Copy that.

So, what actually is a landing page?

It’s the page people land on when they click your link. If you’ve done any kind of clicks-to-website content, you’ll have had a landing page of some sort. A post on Twitter, a Facebook Ad, even a link from a blog….

Your landing page could simply be a page on your website. This is the most common. Or it could be a webpage separate from your website, using software such as ClickFunnels, who you may have heard of. 

A lot of people make the mistake of having their homepage as their landing page. That’s the biggest sin possible.

When you click through a campaign, let’s say it’s for a cupcake, it will probably say something like, “Look at our Star Trek cupcakes, click here buy a batch!”.

If that link takes people through to your homepage, which has general cupcake info on it, you’ve probably lost more than half your customers because that’s not what they’ve clicked through for.

They’re expecting relevance. If your link said they can buy Star Trek cupcakes, they expect to be taken to the page where they can buy Star Trek cupcakes. Not your home page.

You need to make what you want your customer to do, as simple and easy as possible. If people are met with barriers, even small ones, they will click off. People don’t like effort. Sorry.

Clicks don’t really mean what you think

You might have a campaign where you’ve got really good stats. Maybe you’ve got hundreds and hundreds of clicks coming from your Facebook campaign, and your cost per click is really low. That’s great.

However, if you’re not getting conversions from that campaign, i.e. people aren’t buying your cupcakes, you have to look at why that might be…

 The need for speed

A big, big conversion issue could be with your landing’s page loading speed. If your page doesn’t load quickly, people will lose interest. A slow loading time = an aforementioned hurdle.

This goes for desktops and mobiles. The loading speed needs to be as fast as possible.

Phone a friend

On top of content specificity and loading speed, your site needs to look good on desktops AND mobiles.

Your page needs to be set up for mobile devices because most of your traffic is probably going to be from a mobile.

So, if they load through to your page, and the elements aren’t lining up correctly, or it’s not readable, you’re going to lose people. Being mobile-friendly is crucial. Sounds simple but so many businesses haven’t got this in place.

Don’t deviate from the plan

If your landing page doesn’t look like your campaign, you will confuse people and they will disconnect.

You need to be using similar imagery, colours, language and tone. If your campaign and your landing page are too different, you lose the credibility and trust that makes people want to convert.

You have to deliver on the whole idea of what you’re selling. You’re building potentially a first impression with these people and you need to foster that through the experience.

It’s all about image

Another mistake people make is not including enough imagery. We see this all the time; a company has really good photography but, for some reason on the landing page, it’s all fact, fact, fact.

People need to be able to see themselves using what you’re selling. So, lifestyle images and high-quality imagery reflecting the actual product / service is key.

Really, if they can’t see what they’re purchasing on the landing page, they’re probably not going to buy from you.

Text is important too though

You don’t want to be too text-heavy, but if you don’t have all the relevant information that customers need to actually convert in the end, they will click off.

Have a think what that person’s FAQs could be. Pre-empt them and answer them. Remember – indecision leads to no sale. They won’t go and look for the answers – you have to give them to them there and then.

To summarise…

– You want relevance – Whatever product / service you’re pushing, your landing page should be about that and that alone.

– It needs to look good – People need to see the product you’re selling. Everything needs to look nice, on-brand and load quickly.

– Answer FAQs briefly and simply – Your landing page needs to contain the information your customer NEEDS to complete the transaction, without being too text heavy.

Now, how do you connect your landing page to a campaign?

It can be as easy as talking. You could set up a question in a Facebook Ad, for example, then answer it on your landing page:

“Do you need this? Cool, click the link and get it for the best price or your money back!” The link magically takes them through to your beautiful new landing page that contains all of the above.

If this all sounds like too much of a faff and you’d rather have a marketing professional sort it for you, why not hop on a Discovery Call with Andy or Joel?

We’ll get you ready for launch.

Over and out.

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