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We’re having to spend more of our time and money on LinkedIn, when there are a hundred other things to do!

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One of the biggest marketing challenges facing small to medium-sized businesses is that they’re not getting the most out of the no.1 online networking platform – LinkedIn. It’s not just a stuffy place for HR Directors. It’s for every business decision-maker, whether you’re B2C or B2B and want to make connections.

LinkedIn is probably costing you time (and therefore money) and energy but not delivering any measurable results.

Don’t you hate having your time wasted? Time that you could have spent growing your business or relaxing with friends & family.

The problem is, every businessperson is hopping onto the LinkedIn bandwagon. This includes your competitors, the scoundrels! They’re right to do this, mind, as LinkedIn has the power of Microsoft behind it… but that doesn’t make it easier for you. There’s a tonne of noise to cut through.

The chances of your posts getting seen and remembered by “fresh blood” are further reduced if 1) you haven’t got the fundamentals covered off, or 2) your content is all over the shop. It’s lose-lose. A motivational quote by some guru in a shiny suit may get ‘likes’ off your friends but will it get you new customers?

Do you know what ‘LIKES’ stands for?

Lazy Icons Keeping Everyone Stuck.  

Now… the GOOD news! There is a super smart way to get LinkedIn firing on all cylinders for you. It starts with uncovering the ten things you must do with the platform. Our tips – based on loooooong experience – will help ensure that you don’t waste your money and lose out on sales.

It’s why, if you suspect that:

–       your LinkedIn presence is boring

–       your time is being eaten up but enquiries and/or sales are down

–       more of your competitors are stealing your slice of the pie…

… it’s imperative that you download our special report right now!

By submitting this form you agree to receive marketing insights from Codebreak Group Ltd. 

Joel and Andy, Directors of digital marketing agency, Codebreak

Andy & Joel – Authors of The Top Ten Things You Need To Be Doing On LinkedIn

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