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Long Term Marketing Strategy

by | Oct 4, 2021

Recently I was at Rugby services with Joel. Living the dream…!

We were on the way back from an awesome two-day conference in Wembley. It’s great to be back learning and networking in the flesh rather than Zoom. I even got to have lunch with Rob Moore, The Disruptive Entrepreneur himself.

(He guested on our Stay Hungry podcast recently. Quick plug there.)

Anyway, Joel needed to charge his Tezzie, hence the pit stop.

We were peckish too, so went on a food hunt. We did this separately because we decide differently.

Basically, I choose my food based on convenience, in this case – the shortest queue. I can’t do queuing. Waiting behind people who want to pay with loose change or have a load of questions. Aaaargh.

Joel chooses his food based on what’s going to properly fuel him, in this case – what’s going to keep him full till he got home.

It only took me a couple of minutes to get my crayfish salad. I was able to do some work, but I did feel envious when Joel finally came over, slightly pop-eyed, with his KFC bucket.

I was even more envious when I got hungry an hour later.

But it’s why we work well together in business. I think short term and Joel thinks long term. He works on the strategy, I work on the tasks to get us there.

Most business owners are good at one and not the other. They’re either so busy doing the day-to-day, they don’t know if they’re hitting the numbers to get the business to where they want it to get. Or they’re so busy strategising (or talking about strategy…), nothing actually gets done.

You need to be good at both

Having a coach has been brilliant for us. They pull everything together and hold us accountable. They work with Joel on the endgame and me on the tactics.

In return, Joel and I have been coaching a number of businesses ourselves. Advising them on their marketing strategy and what boxes need ticking off along the way. Supporting them rather than doing the work for them.

If you know any businesses that are capable of doing their own marketing but need a plan that can be broken down into clear, bite-sized chunks, please point them our way.

Until next time, stay hungry. But not ‘crayfish salad’ hungry.

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