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Shopify: Three Killer Tips For Your Online Business!

by | Apr 28, 2020

I get it. There’s a huge boom in the online marketplace, and people are probably saying to you “aren’t you lucky to be an online Shopify store” or “aren’t you lucky your business was online anyway”.

And in the back of your mind you’re thinking, well actually, loads of offline businesses have now become online businesses.

The big boys are all spending more and my market share is under threat.

What the hell do I do to sort my Shopify out?

So I’ve put together three killer ways to help you get more from your Shopify business – from a practical perspective. They are easy to implement and will put you on the right track now and for when we return back to a normal scenario.

1 – Give your Shopify website some TLC

You need to make sure your website looks up to date. It might be that you were doing okay on your store but actually your About Page and your Blog look a little bit tired.

Maybe you haven’t blogged for a while? Just think about that from a customer perspective. If they land on your website and you haven’t blogged since June last year, what does that make them think?

Does that make them feel secure in their purchase? Do they feel like your business is up to date? And does it make them feel like your business is commenting on current affairs and what’s going on in your industry, or does it look like you are just trying to sell them something?

When working on your business, I always find that looking at it from the eyes of your potential customer puts the steps you need to take into perspective.

2 – Tip two applies to your stock too

We’ve all been there. See something we like, take it through to our basket, only to find out it’s not in stock. A red mist descends and you lose the will to live. That’s not what you’re going for so it’s important your stock is always up to date; all the products you have in stock are displaying and anything you haven’t got isn’t displaying.

The numbers need to be right, so when people land on your website they’re going to see everything that you’ve got. Shopify is also smart enough to show them the related products and get them in front of the thing that they’re most likely to be interested in. If your stock is up to date, you could have multiple sales.

So make sure that area of your website is as up to date as it possibly can be, on any given day.

3 – Smart ads that target the right people

If you’re not doing it already you really need to get into Facebook dynamic ads.

The prices at the moment are crazy because obviously Facebook has seen a lot of businesses squeeze their marketing spend, so you can see some fantastic results.

We’re working with a business at the minute that has spent £130 total on their ads and so far it’s generated them £1500 in sales.

Those kinds of numbers work for any business and you really need to be taking advantage of that fact right now.

To learn more about dynamic ads, check out my last blog post all about them here.

In summary…

– Make sure your Shopify website looks up to date.

– Make sure your products and stock are as up to date as possible.

– Start taking advantage of dynamic ads.

And if you want any more information on that kind of thing, hop on a call with myself or my business partner Andy.

We’re offering free 20 minute consultations whilst all this crisis is going on.

We’d love to help and we really want you to be making the most of your Shopify store.

Take care and stay safe.

Codebreak Marketing Assistant Emily

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