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7 Ways You Need to Market Your Business From Home

by | Mar 26, 2020

We understand this is a difficult topic right now. You don’t want to look like you’re trying to make a gain from this, but at the same time, you need to keep your company presence out there, offer support and show you care.

It’s sensitive. But we’re here to help for the same reasons. We care about your business and we are here to support you however we can.

So to get started, here’s seven tips on how to effectively market your business from home.

1 – Up your content game

If you’re working from home, in isolation or in an office where you’re all spread out, there’s no time better than now to be making sure your content is bang on.

Get your messaging right, keep people updated, get everything out there that you possibly can using your social media channels and website.

What’s going on with your company? What direction is your company taking?

How are you tackling the things in front of you? How are you helping your clients and staff? How are you working with your suppliers?

There’s so much you have to work with. Think about your employees at home, what they’re doing, what they’re up to, can they provide content? And go from there.

2 – Check in with your clients

So that may not sound like marketing but of course it is.

You want to make sure your clients are okay. I’m sure you’ve built up relationships with them over time and it’s really important that you check in on them, tell them what’s going on with your company. Let them know that you can still support them and do what you were doing before.

Or, maybe you can’t support them right now and that’s okay. Just let them know you’re putting plans in place and working on strategies to help as things start to settle down. Opening up lines of communication and showing people you care will go a long way.

I’m sure you’re a genuine company and you like to help people so get that over.

Make sure you’re touching base with people, just make sure everyone’s okay.

3 – Don’t stop with your social media advertising.

Now, I’m a bit sensitive on this one. Obviously social media advertising is something we do and it really is so important to businesses.

Plus, at the moment, due to the nature of what’s going on and people cutting their marketing budgets, social media advertising is actually less expensive than it’s ever been.

You’ll get better cost per click and more reach as less people are doing it. There is an opportunity there, although I’m also aware that’s not going to be on every business’s radar.

However, if you’re in E-commerce and you’re getting a larger number of inquiries because your business is web based, or maybe you’re a delivery company, then Facebook and LinkedIn advertising have some real opportunities out there that can really help your business.

You can systemise retargeting those customers, making sure that anybody that filled their basket but didn’t check out is getting retargeted, all of those sorts of things.

So, if this does apply to your business, really think about your strategy with your advertising now because I’m sure it’s changed.

4 – Improve your reach with PR

Think about who you’re putting PR out to, where it can go, how that helps to communicate your message, how that helps to communicate business continuity.

All the newspapers have online presence, lots of magazines have online presence, some of them are online only so there’s no better time than now to make sure that that PR that you’ve been waiting on gets out there.

People want to hear some good news right now.

You can use regular blogs and updates on your website too. Now is the time to spread some good news. Helpful news. Inspiring news.

It’s important that people know what’s going on. Obviously you’ll probably see a spike in your website traffic at the moment because people are sat at home, they’re browsing, so use that opportunity.

Get your news out there, keep people updated, make use of that blog that you’ve left sat dormant for six months. Really fire all this stuff up.

5 – Don’t be camera shy

I have been doing mini videos over on our Instagram, to provide support for our clients. They aren’t fancy or scripted, just helpful and honest.

It’s a great, not to mention human, way to get your message out there and let people see your face.

I’m sure everyone’s missing you, so don’t be afraid to check-in that way.

6 – Jump on apps like Zoom

Instead of having meetings, use Zoom. It keeps everyone safe, gets your face out there and gives your check-ins a personal touch. People will be needing that right now.

You could use WhatsApp or Facebook Workplace. There’s all sorts of tools for video conferencing to help make sure that you’re keeping things ticking along as normally as you possibly can.

Sometimes it’s much easier to communicate things on video too because people can see your emotion and that goes a long way.

7 – Keep your team in the know

It’s really important your workforce knows what’s going on, that they can see that there is a plan to get through this and that you are doing everything you can.

Certainly with our business, we’re communicating on a daily basis, video catch ups with all of the team, just so they know what’s going on. It helps boost morale and makes for a stronger team.

So there you go. Seven ways to market from home right now. If you need help with any of those, just give us a shout. You can check out what we’re doing on our socials here too.

Most importantly though, stay safe, take care and please reach out if you need anything.

Codebreak Marketing Assistant Emily

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