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Marketing Has Changed and You Need to Make Sure Your Christmas Campaigns Keep Up

by | Oct 30, 2020

Frustrating isn’t it? The gift season is upon us and the campaigns you’ve ran every year somehow don’t feel right in 2020.

And worse still, the routes to market have either changed or become congested.

Everyone’s email is heaving, the big boys have got stronger and it feels like everyone has their mind on other things.

The good news is, most of your competitors are throwing money at email campaigns and digital marketing without having a clue about what they’re doing.

They know they’ve got to do it. They know they can’t wait for the high street to recover. But, because of that, they’ve rushed, they’ve spent more than they should, and they have bloated and wasteful campaigns.

Even better news for you, this presents a great opportunity. An opportunity to attack the marketplace and your competitors won’t even see it coming.

As a business owner, I’m sure you’re aware of ‘The Four Ps’, but just in case, they’re product, price, place and promotion.

Let’s assume you’ve got your product or service nailed down and you know what you want to charge for it. That leaves us with place and promotion to sort out this gift season.

Now, everyone is squabbling over email. I’ve never had so many promotional emails. And there doesn’t seem to be any sane order to what I receive.

That’s opportunity number one… build an email funnel that takes a customer on an interesting journey. Use their name, offer them deals, inform them about what’s coming, make them feel part of a community. Do that, and you’re 99% better than everyone else.

Opportunity two… I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but other than the odd pizza flyer, there really isn’t much showing up in the post at the moment. A well-written, well-designed piece of print marketing can really have some impact right now. As a business owner, currently I get food menus and those brown envelopes from HMRC and not a lot else. What if you presented an exclusive offer using a postal campaign? You won’t be competing for space, it’ll be all yours.

And your third opportunity… doing digital ads well. Strictly targeted ads that speak to your customer avatar. Then, once they engage, retarget them. And, if they commit the final sacrilege of e-commerce and add to cart but forget to check out, automations that remind them to finish their purchase. Your competitors will be doing one of those things, they might even be doing two, but it is highly unlikely they’re getting all three of those right.

So that’s promotion sorted, what about place?

Wherever you drive your prospects to, it has got to be easy for them to buy. Think about the user experience.

Is it a quick checkout process? Can they use Apple Pay or Google Pay? Does your online shop upsell them and offer them related products? Can they checkout as a guest?

Is it clear what product they’re buying? Are price, reviews, quantity and description all easy to see?

Does your website look trustworthy? Is it secure? If you compare it to competitors and other sellers, do you stack up?

There are many ecommerce platforms out there that will allow you to do this right. Many of our clients have found Shopify the easiest to get on with because it is so quick to setup and so quick to deploy new tools. You’ve got to make sure the point of sale is right.

So, in summary…

Get your email campaign right, take prospects on a journey, don’t just bombard them. Talk to them personally.

Use a postal campaign to put your product in front of people with little to no competition for that moment of attention.

Nail your advertising. Show ads to your customer avatar that speak their language and solve their problems. Retarget visitors to your website. And chase after those abandoned carts.

Make sure your website customer experience is simple, easy and better yet, joyous.

That’s your Christmas campaign sorted and prepped for the new economy. Any questions, don’t hesitate to book a free marketing Q&A with me using the Discovery Call application on our website.

Catch you again soon, and remember, Stay Hungry!

Codebreak Marketing Assistant Emily

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