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Marketing Is Easier When You Know Who You’re After

by | Aug 5, 2021

My mate Neil fancies himself as a fisherman.

My family and Neil’s went away to the Devonshire coast a couple of years ago and he was out on his little boat every morning, fishing. He loved it. Out he’d go at 6am, promising fish for lunch. We were there for seven days. And do you know how many times we ate fish?

Once. And that was from the chippy.

By the third day of no fish, you’d think Neil would have lost his enthusiasm. But no. It was winding me up though, so I had to ask:

“What kind of fish are you after, Neil?”

“Any fish. It will taste nice whatever.”

So, what was the problem?

No, I may know b*gger-all about fishing but I do know different fish need different bait, and they swim in different parts of the sea. And that was Neil’s problem. He was going after anything and everything.

Like most businesses

“I just want customers. I don’t care who as long as they pay.”

Sound familiar?

How to build a tribe of raving customers who won’t stop talking about you

You’re a car dealership and want to sell to anyone who can drive.

You’re a cake shop and want to sell to anyone who likes treats.

If your marketing is targeting anyone with a pulse, you won’t build a tribe of people who identify with you and your values. Which means you’ll struggle to get loyalty and referrals. People who properly buy into you.

You’re better off targeting a specific group of people – your customer avatar – and your marketing targets them and only them. Veer to the left and right once in a while, sure, but always come back to these folk.

Know who they are, what to say to them and where they are.


What my mate Neil should have done is gone after a specific type of fish. He should have done his research. Found out what bait to use and where to take his kayak. Then we wouldn’t have had bloody tofu every lunchtime.

F*ck everything else until you’ve sorted this

It’s why the first chapter in our book, Stay Hungry – How To Create Marketing That Sells™ Even In The New Economy, is called:

“F*ck everything else until you’ve sorted this”.

Seriously. When you nail down your audience, everything is so much easier.

As Joel and I keep saying, if you try and appeal to everyone, you’ll appeal to no one.

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