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Marketing Tips: Action Speaks Louder Than Words

by | Nov 26, 2019

There are a whole heap of marketing tips out there on the interweb. Courses, YouTube vids, podcasts… plus books, audiobooks, and of course in-person training. At Codebreak, we offer marketing tips and training ourselves, from half-day social media workshops to ongoing mentoring. BUT… it’s all useless unless you IMPLEMENT it.

There’s no point spending time and/or money watching and listening to marketing advice if you don’t implement it. Knowledge is just the start. Lots of people know how to do something but do they get off their backsides and do it? No. Indeed, sometimes it’s easier simply to pay someone else to do it. You know it will get done then.

And of course, the person/s you’re paying will have even more expertise than you! I know how to wash my car but do I want to do it? No, I’d rather pay the guys in Dobbies’ car park! They’ve got jet hoses and shammies. I’ve got a tired sponge that I bought in Halfords ten years ago.

Making Your Marketing Notes

No matter how we’re learning, we make notes. Yes, Codebreak is still learning and we always will. You will never know it all, especially in the fast-moving world of marketing. If you don’t learn, you’ll get left behind. We see that a lot in our game.

“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at 20 or 80.”

Henry Ford

But, when you’re sat there at a conference, learning lots of fantastic marketing stuff, the main points need to be written down. Some say that writing with a pen and paper is best but I disagree from a convenience point of view. My preferred method is to make bullet point notes on my iPhone’s Notes app. These then synch with my Macbook and iPad.

I appreciate that good thoughts and mantras may be better written down with a pen and paper. But notes for learning? No. You need them filed and stored for you to refer to easily moving forward.

You may feel good because you’ve paid to attend a seminar or are listening to a business audiobook outside of office hours… but again without notes, it’s just lip service.

Time To Implement Your Marketing Plan

With your notes, you can now IMPLEMENT your learning into your marketing plan. Implementation… action… doing something… is what turns learning into results.

It’s like Search Engine Optimisation; lots of businesses fixate on SEO, i.e. getting traffic to their website. But they often don’t spend time making sure their website will actually convert visits into enquiries/sales/sign-ups. SEO is half the battle, like learning, is half the battle.

Some business owners or managers find it good to set a specific amount of time aside every working day to implement their marketing. I’d definitely recommend doing it undisturbed, if possible. Give it 100% of your focus. You know what you have to do, and you lock the door and get on with it. One hour a day, minimum. For me and Joel, it’s two to three hours a day, sometimes at the weekend too.

But that is productive time. Because, let’s face it, no one is productive eight hours a day.

As most gurus advocate, small business owners need to be growing their business, working on it, not in it. This often means marketing; be that enquiry generation, customer referrals, incentive schemes, ad campaigns, whatever.

To truly be a business owner rather than employed by yourself.

Again, everything you need to know is out there. It’s a case of setting the time aside to make (sh)it happen. If you’re learning but not implementing, don’t beat yourself up – at least you’re halfway there. Which is better than those who think they already know it all…

If you are a business owner who’d benefit from marketing guidance for either yourself or your marketing employee/s, check out our Consultancy page. And we won’t just guide. We’ll help you take action too ☺

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