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Marketing Style Over Substance

by | May 23, 2022

I have a guilty pleasure.

It’s watching Interior Design Masters.

Rock and roll….

Anyway, if you’re not down with the crazy kids, the show gets budding interiors designers to deck out a different space every week. It could be a holiday home, a school assembly hall… and one week recently it was a business. A shop.

What happened was interesting. No, honestly, it was 🙂

They decorated the shop brilliantly. It looked amazing.

But they’d overlooked a crucial fact:

A shop is there to sell stuff.

They’d focused so much on the style, they’d forgotten the substance. The guest judge said you’d actually struggle to realise what products the shop was selling when you saw the window display and even when you first walked in.

Joel and I see this happen ALL THE TIME in marketing.

The funky website that doesn’t highlight why the viewer should get in touch.

The pretty leaflet that doesn’t have an offer with a deadline.

The funny Facebook Ad video that drives people to a cr*p landing page.

Websites are the worst offenders. It’s why a good web designer will have good marketing experience. They’ll know how to create a great user experience, which focuses on the viewer’s pain and how and why the business will solve it.

But so many web designers are “just” designers. They’ll make your website look nice but it won’t do what you want it to do – generate more enquiries.

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Until next time, stay hungry!

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