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by | Apr 16, 2021

Behind all sports teams’ success is a tactical system. 

Behind most businesses’ success is a tactical system.

But hardly anyone uses a system to make their marketing better. If all your marketing is done manually on an ad hoc basis, this video’s for you. 

Because there is a better way. By devising and actioning a system and processes behind your marketing, it will take pressure off you and get more results at the same time. 

Here’s how a business often runs their marketing nowadays: 

Something marketable happens. “Quick, get something out on Facebook!” 

There’s a drop in sales. “Quick, get an offer out on Instagram!” 

We need to network online because of Covid. “Quick, spam everyone on LinkedIn!” 

Cue stuff going out with no real thought behind it. Chances are, not enough of the right people will take notice and, if they do, it’s in a bad way, not a good way. 

Either way, the task gets done then it’s back to the day job and firefighting. 

Basically, this is marketing being treated as a collection of tasks, all done as and when. A post here, an ad in the paper there. With no strategy guiding everything. 

It’s like 11 people from 11 different football teams being thrown together and told to win the match. No team talk, no tactics. Just get out there, score goals and don’t let any in. 

Start devising and actioning a system behind your marketing!

By devising and deploying a system, your marketing stops being task-driven and becomes strategy-led. Everyone in your team is singing off the same hymn sheet, where a game plan is agreed in advance. 

Working up a three-month game plan is a great start. Maybe there’s a certain area of your business you need to make a focused effort on. It’s like using your 60-second “elevator pitch” at a networking breakfast to talk about one aspect of your business rather than trying to sum up everything you do. It’s too much for people to absorb. Your marketing is no different. 

Breaking your marketing down into 90-day campaigns will give you consistency too, which is crucial. A staff member gets all excited about being given the responsibility of their employer’s Facebook Page, say, but quickly goes off the boil because it’s all manual, they don’t really know what to post and frankly it becomes a pain in the arse. 

They get excited about the new weekly podcast they’re launching, but get frustrated a couple of months in when it hasn’t made their phone ring off the hook. 

There’s a massive opportunity for you right now.

Social media remains the biggie in terms of draining your time, of interrupting your day. Just because it’s free doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be treated with respect. Posting here and there about everything and anything? Social media will work much better for your business when you’re harnessing software, AI and content repurposing. 

It all starts with people and creativity, sure, but there is software that can do the heavy lifting for you. We’re not talking simple scheduling software but we’re not talking Skynet and the robots taking over either! Technology, when used properly, will increase the results of your marketing as well as decrease the amount of time it takes you. Win/Win! 

There’s a massive opportunity for you right now. The country’s getting back on its feet but lots of your competitors will still be running around like headless chickens, chucking random ads in newspapers and posting manually on social media with no purpose behind it. Let them fiddle about with their SEO or blog every two or three months and email even less… with no purpose behind it.  

If time or inclination are against you and you’d like to discuss the system that Codebreak deploys for clients – our Marketing That Sells™ system – apply for a free Discovery Call.


Stay safe, stay hungry and stay outta trouble, you crazy kids. 

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