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Make Sure Your Content is Moving Your Business Towards its Goals

by | May 27, 2021

The problem with organic content is most people are thinking short term.

And worse still, that short term thinking means that they’re focused on the quick and easy buzz, rather than the longterm strategic thinking. Of course, you’ll get loads of engagement if you post a cute picture of a kitten.

But will that engagement be from the right kind of people? Are you improving or reinforcing your relationship with your target audience?

I’m going to tell you how to generate leads with your blog posts, grow a list and get more traffic to your website or social media profiles through targeted content that converts.

Micro & macro goals

In other words, I’m going to tell you how to make sure that the content you’re producing is moving your business towards its goals.

So, this is about thinking about the micro goals and the macro goals.

 Micro goals should always contribute to the macro goals.

 Micro meaning small. Macro meaning big. Sorry if that’s teaching granny how to suck eggs.

 Gaining Facebook likes – micro goals.

 Consistently getting sales through Facebook – macro goal.

 Do you see the difference?

 You won’t be able to gain sales unless you’ve got people liking and following your page to actually see the content.


Follow the framework

 Your content should follow the AIDA framework. The oldest framework in the world for tapping into people’s needs.


 Let’s use a pet food supplier as an example.

 Attention – Are you looking for eco-friendly, organic pet food that your pooch finds delicious?

Well, yes, of course, I am. I wouldn’t want Rover to eat anything else!

 Interest – We’re a pet food company that delivers delicious, nutritious, environmentally friendly pet food direct to your door. And better still, with every purchase, we offset our carbon footprint. Our clients love that we’re an ethical, carbon negative, a pet food supplier.

Bloody hell, where do I sign up?

 Desire – You want your dog to be happy and healthy. A happy and healthy pooch means a happy and healthy you.

You’re damn right it does.

 Action – Click below to get your free sample pack today.

I bloody will. I want that free sample pack!

 Do you see? Attention, interest, desire, action. In that order.
Use your content to drive towards your business goals.

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