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My Audience Isn’t on Facebook

by | Jun 5, 2023

Hello. What’s going on? Another day of wonder and opportunity. 

I had to rush over to mum’s the other day.

It was a proper emergency. “The Facebook is broken,” were her exact words.

Ironically, my mum moans a lot about how much time my kids spend on their phones.

Yet she can’t manage more than five minutes with hers. She is glued to her iPhone and iPad.

That’s how a lot of the older generation keep tabs on what their families are up to.

Yet I know business owners targeting older people who don’t use digital ads. “My audience isn’t on Facebook,” they say. “Yes, they are,” I retort. “No, they’re not.

They’re too old / posh / rich / intellectual….”

Now, if there’s a tiny chance your audience is not on Facebook, it doesn’t matter.

Facebook Ads can get served on thousands of external websites.

So you can still get in front of them.

Because they will be online somewhere. Everyone is online. Everyone is online a lot.

Carry on posting organically on social media, sure.

But remember – the algorithms will be in charge of who sees it, not you.

If you’re not running digital ads, you’re missing a trick.

Actually, let me rephrase that.

If you’re not running digital ads WELL, you’re missing a trick.

One of our ad campaigns for an e-commerce client is giving him a +1000% Return On Ad Spend. 1000%!

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Until next time, stay hungry.

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