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My Work Experience With Codebreak

by | Jul 4, 2019

Lucy recently joined the team as part of her work experience. She got stuck in with all sorts of tasks, from photography to copywriting, you can read all about her time with us below…

About Me

My name is Lucy Anderton-Brown and I am a sixth form student at Thomas Telford School. I’m currently in lower sixth studying for A-levels in English Literature, Religious Studies and French. For four days I am completing my work experience placement with Codebreak in Shrewsbury. This will help me get a better understanding of what a career in marketing involves and gain experience in a working environment.

Why marketing for my work experience

After two years of studying business at GCSE level, I realised a passion for the subject, especially in marketing. This lead me to apply for a work experience placement with Codebreak because I believed it would give me a helpful insight into what marketing entails.

Marketing is the promotion of businesses and selling products, creating relationships and informing customers. The idea of enticing customers through creative wordplay and subtle messages is intriguing. I am also fascinated by the different sectors of marketing and which strategies are best for different companies.

Work experience with Codebreak

Social media is an ever-changing medium that is relevant to most people. These different platforms have become the place for companies to advertise. Through the use of targeted advertising, each campaign can be more accurately presented to the correct target market. I admire how each set of adverts are specifically tailored to every individual.

Why Codebreak

I chose Codebreak because they cover all areas of marketing and do what their competitors don’t. Codebreak has a strong team that they’re proud of, which is why they stood out as a good place to apply for work experience.

Furthermore, the company stood out to me due to the range of clients they work with or have worked with in the past. Overall, I believed applying for a placement with Codebreak would give me more valuable and useful experience. As well as wanting to learn more about marketing, I wanted to gain experience in a working environment, to learn and develop new skills.

What’s next after my work experience

In the future, I aspire to go to university and study Philosophy. A particular branch of Philosophy that interests me is the Philosophy of the mind. Which ties in with marketing as it assesses society’s ability to perform quick reasoning and think critically.

I’d like to thank the Codebreak team for welcoming me as part of the team and allowing me to see what a marketing agency is like. I’ve had a great week!

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