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A Work Placement With Codebreak

by | Jul 29, 2019

Following the completion of her A-levels, we were delighted to welcome Evie to Codebreak for a week’s work experience. Evie wanted to sample a marketing agency environment before making a commitment on her first career move. 

Here’s what she had to say:

About Me

Hi! I’m Evie Bache and I recently sat my A-Levels in Graphic Communication and Film Studies. I’m currently completing my work placement at Codebreak, a legendary marketing and design agency in Shrewsbury. (They told me to say that!)

My GCSEs included Graphics and, with a combined four years studying this area, I’ve found that this is where my interests lie. I’m equally excited to find out more about its practical application in Marketing and Advertising. Also, to see what it’s like working in this type of environment.

That’s me below, in the middle, with some of the Codebreak team!

Why I applied to Codebreak for my work placement

The reason why I applied to spend a week with Codebreak is because I saw on their website that they cover all elements of design and marketing that excite me. It was clear that they also supported local businesses as well as working nationally, and I like local. I wanted to experience the process of dealing with real briefs from real clients and working to deadlines.

The team seemed quite informal too. Not lots of people stood looking serious in suits. As lovely as suits are…. Anyway, they liked my initial contact, we chatted and they said they’d welcome me for a week.

What I’ve been up to this week

This week has been jam-packed full of things! It’s been busy, but so much fun!

I was given the chance to go out and visit a few clients. This meant taking pictures, sampling food and spending an afternoon watching how Jen and Emily create their content. I took a few photos myself which are going to used for the world to see! I also wrote a blog (which you’re now reading) It was great to learn about what sort of style is best for web and also how to upload it – there’s a lot involved!

But, I have to say, my favourite two things that I’ve done this week have been on the graphic design side of things, which I’m so passionate about. I got stuck into some fantastic client projects – which was amazing! Joel gave me the task of creating a logo for a travel blog and a beer label.

What’s next after my work placement

After my week’s work experience with Codebreak, I will definitely be looking to kickstart a Graphics career within the Marketing sector. My current aim is to continue gaining experience in Graphic Design and get a better understanding of what being a designer would entail.

Joining the Codebreak team has really given me an insight into what it would be like to work in a Marketing environment. I’ve been lucky to have sat alongside a super friendly group of people, who have spent time guiding me through many aspects of their work with expert knowledge. From design to social media and copywriting… it was a lot to take in, but fun!

I feel the guys have enabled me to learn new things whilst being creative at the same time.

It was a pleasure having Evie as part of the Codebreak team for a short time. We saw two sign-offs on projects she was involved in during the week. The enthusiasm and creativity she demonstrated was a delight to see and we hope she is excited as we are about seeing the projects go live.

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