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Niche and Easy Does It

by | May 21, 2020

This blog is all about nailing your niche. Which can sound quite overwhelming, but we’re going to take it niche and easy.

So, what do I mean by nailing your niche?

I mean, making sure that you’ve got your customer audience, your client avatar, absolutely drummed down to what exactly it needs to be.

Now, I completely understand that there’s a huge fear that comes with that, because I’ve had that fear. The kind of fear that you’re so precise, you’re so specific with who you want to work with, that you’re actually losing work. However, I’m going to prove to you that’s not the case.

Let’s play the odds

Who are you most likely to work with? Who’s most likely to work with you? Who can you help the best? Who are you going to click with? And who’s going to understand what your business is about? Bearing in mind that there’s over 60 million people in this country.

So actually, you’ve probably got a massive audience to work with.

And separate the wheat from the chaff

Equally, those people that are just shopping around based on price or service offering, will be looking at exactly that. They’ve already set their reason for purchase.

And then, the secondary benefit is, all those dickheads that you hate working with, all those people that are a drain on your time, you lose sleep over, your team hate working with, they don’t quite get what you’re doing. They question what you’re doing all the time.

They probably won’t work with you because of the messaging on your website and the way you deal with things. It just won’t click with them and very early doors, they’ll realise that you’re not the business for them.

Which is actually a really good secondary benefit. It may seem a little harsh, but actually, when you think about it, those non-profitable jobs that are a drain on your business, if you could get rid of all of those and replace them with a couple of big jobs, people you really click with, where there’s that mutual respect, what a bonus.

So whether it’s about bears…

What made me think about this? Well the t-shirt that I’m currently wearing is from a company called ‘Don’t Feed the Bears’ and my wife bought it for me for my birthday. That’s a big risk in our house because I hate being bought clothes.

But she knew that Don’t Feed the Bears would click with me because of the organic print, the hand printing and the environmental values.

They also send it in biodegradable packaging and it’s all about bears; I like bears and we’ve got some history in terms of going bear watching and things like that together.

Funnily enough, those values speak to her too, because that’s kind of why we’re married, we’ve got aligned values and things just click.

As soon as I opened it, I loved it. And like I said, I hate receiving clothes. But she took that risk and it worked.

Think about that from your business perspective.

What can you do to speak to the people who would be interested in what you do?

Or beers…

We work with an accountant who launched their own beer. Now, that’s some serious niching there. You’re professional, you offer a really good service, but actually launching a beer is a real differentiator there, that’s something that will attract people.

But also, they know, and we know, that will put some people off too. But it’s worked really well for them.

Or fish…

You might sell fishing tackle, and obviously you need to target fishermen. But do you want to target all the fishermen? Or do you want to target the fishermen who are in competition? Casual fisherman or target fly fishermen?

Once you niche down, think about how that affects your advertising, your positioning in the marketplace, doing videos, doing podcasts, doing blogs, you suddenly know who you’re talking to.

Keep niching until you find your people

You can then advertise to a very specific market, you’re going to find that your conversion costs, your lead generation costs, your reach and your impressions, all cost less because you’re targeting very specific people and getting your message out to exactly the right people.

So, when they do business with you, it’s easier, there’s less friction because they understand what you’re about, they get the messaging, your values align, it’s almost like your friends before you’ve even met.

That’s something we’ve found with our processes because we’ve gone down this route. By the time we sit with someone, it feels like we already know them and they already know us.

So nail your niche. If I can advise you one thing at the moment, nail your niche, capiche?

Alright, if you’d like to talk about that more, don’t hesitate to book a Discovery Call with me.

I’ll take it niche and easy on you.

Take care and stay safe.

Codebreak Marketing Assistant Emily

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