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Not Getting Enough Enquiries?

by | May 30, 2022

As you can see from the photo in the video, that date is not today’s date….

Yet that is what I’ve been seeing in my wife’s office every day since… well, since 7th November 2021.

Emma bought this ‘wooden block’ calendar to put on the wall because it looks lovely.

It was an Instagram Ad purchase. One of many…!

Now I’m all for knowing what the date is. Luckily, I have a phone.

I do like aesthetically pleasing stuff, don’t get me wrong. But if it involves effort, I’ll weigh that up before buying.

When Emma showed the ad to me, I commented on how pretty the calendar was but that no one in the house would change the blocks every day.

But she bought it anyway.

And, to be fair, for the first week at least, she did change the date on it every morning.

Then it became sporadic.

Then it pretty much stopped!

My point is – as business owners, we have to appreciate that people are lazy (myself included).

So if our marketing – regardless of how cool it looks – involves effort, the chances of prospects turning into actual enquirers plummet.

My question to you:


What are the things that involve effort for people to reach out to you?

Some examples to consider:

– a massive form to fill in

– having to leave a voicemail because no one ever answers

– social media accounts with no contact details

– no DM or Live Chat options

– slow website

– confusing navigation on your website…

… the list goes on.

Everything has to be quick and simple. You’ll make more sales that way.

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Until next time, stay hungry.

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