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Five Ways Your Office Can Bring on New Business!

by | Jun 19, 2020

Your office is important for so many reasons; to enhance a team atmosphere and increase productivity, to name but two. Plus, after lockdown, to get out of your partner’s hair! But what if I told you that your office can have a big influence on a potential customer’s buying decision?

I thought that’d spike your interest. Let’s get started!

Start by setting the mood

I’m not talking Barry White and low lighting here. I mean, if you’re spending time and money getting people to your office to pitch or sell your wares, you want to make sure they’re in the best frame of mind.

If people are in the wrong frame of mind because something happened on the way in, that can affect their buying decision. It’s important that the entire experience of coming to your office is a good one.

1 – Make the journey easy

Ensure people have clear directions when they’re visiting your office for the first time. Just like with a website, you want to be easily found 👋

We like to use Google Maps. Codebreak HQ is on Shrewsbury Business Park ,where it’s one postcode for pretty much the entire park, so providing a postcode isn’t that helpful. Instead, we email people a link to click on, where a map will open up with a pin dropped right on our building.

Bonus tip – Where you can, make sure a parking space is available. It’s little touches like that that show you go the extra mile.

2 – Stand out

Do you have exterior signage or your branding in the windows, making it easily identifiable where you are? If you do, not only have you provided easy directions and a parking space, you’ve given them a nod, clarifying they’re in the right place.

Your potential customers haven’t had to stop and ask someone for directions or call you up, they’ve had a relaxed, stress-free journey and are ready to hear what you’ve got to say.

Plus (good) signage looks cool.

Just don’t ask us about ours…. An ongoing “debate” with the landlord, shall we say!

3 – Give them a warm welcome

Pre-COVID, you could actually shake someone by the hand, whereas now, you have to work within social distance measures. That doesn’t mean you can’t greet them with a smile, ask them how they are, would they like a drink etc (more on this later…)

It’s good to have a rough script to follow to give everyone a lovely welcome.

4 – What does your office look like?

Have you got clutter lying around? Are your desks tidy? Do you have confidential client information on display that your guest/s shouldn’t see? I’m not saying you have to be perfectly minimal, which can actually look false to some. You’re a real business and your office should show that, but it should look tidy.

One of the best things to have on display is client testimonials, whether it’s pop-up banners or foamex boards. What customers say about you is 100 times more powerful than what you say about yourself. If you haven’t got testimonials that are easily visible in your office, you’re missing a trick.

5 – Be the host with the most

I presume you offer your guest/s a drink. It’s just basic manners. Mind you, I’ve been to meetings where I wasn’t offered a drink. (Maybe they didn’t like me.) Luckily, I’ve got no problem saying, “A cup of coffee would be nice.”

It’s another key part of the customer experience. Look after them, make them feel refreshed and build that professional relationship from the off.

We spend money getting decent coffee in, plus we usually offer biscuits. If we’re having a meeting around lunch time, we’ve been known to put on sandwiches or nibbles. It’s an investment not a cost. Would your competitors offer prospects food? Probably not.

To spend a few pounds welcoming someone properly into your business when you are hopefully going to get more than a few pounds from them… well, it’s not rocket science, is it?

And it all starts with those first impressions.

Want to know more about how you can enhance your customer experience? Book a Discovery Call; myself or Joel will be happy to help.

Stay safe and enjoy your office if you’re back.

Codebreak Marketing Assistant Emily

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