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Our Favourite Social Media Updates of 2019 (So Far!)

by | Sep 16, 2019

There have been a fair few updates in the world of social media this year. It’s hard to keep up if you don’t live it day-in-day-out but, fear not, we keep on top of things and can summarise them for you!

Generally speaking, we love it when there’s a change on social media. It continues to be such a fast-moving environment, we’re always wondering what will be next. Sometimes there are rumours, other times there’s a change out of the blue. But as social media is free, there’s no point complaining.

Without further ado, pop your feet up and see below what we’ve whittled down, our topline summary of what’s been happening in social media in 2019. If you’d like further info, feel free to subscribe to our #MarketingMonday emails.

Facebook Updates

Facebook has made the most changes this year, and it has even more updates on the way! Because Facebook owns Instagram and Whatsapp, the three platforms will start to become pretty similar.

Newsfeed algorithm: Facebook is changing the way we see things. They want to make things more like a ‘living room’. Having close friends and relatives close by, and having a few business pages and groups filtering in every now and then.

Ad transparency: Have you ever seen an ad and thought, “Why am I seeing that?” Well, Facebook now lets you find out.

Video algorithm: The word “algorithm” may sounds like marketing jargon or bring back awful memories of GCSE Maths. But here it’s how Facebook determines what you see. We love video content because it’s so much more engaging and Facebook knows that. In fact, a Facebook executive predicted that their platform could be all video by 2021! [Source: www.biteable.com] Your video rankings now rest on loyalty, duration, originality and length. Get yourself an original video that encourages engagement and captures user attention for at least one minute and you’ll be thriving.

Instagram Updates

As we said, Instagram is owned by Facebook, so it makes sense that both platforms are changing at the same pace.

Hiding likes: Yet to be rolled out here in the UK, but several countries are already in full swing of this test update. Instagram wants users to be more focused on the imagery and content, than how many likes a user receives. Unsurprisingly, a number of Influencers are up in arms about that.

Shopping: Imagine a shop dedicated to you, based on everything you’ve ever searched for online. Pretty great, right? Well, Instagram is working on it! The platform is currently testing ways for users to check out on the platform. Watch this space…

LinkedIn Updates

Microsoft’s LinkedIn hasn’t changed massively but there are a few things going on in the background that will make a difference to user experience.

Algorithm update: The aforementioned owners of Linky Dink want it to become a more sociable and user-friendly platform. Meaning that posts from genuine connections and people you know will take priority over so-called viral content.

Reactions: Have you ever seen a post and thought, “I love that!” Well, LinkedIn now has the option to react to a post rather than simply like it. You now have the option of a ‘like’, ‘celebrate’, ‘love’, ‘insightful’ or ‘curious’. This has angered die-hard LinkedIn fans, who moan about once a week that it is becoming more like Facebook.

Ads: LinkedIn has also upped their game on ads. You can now create lookalike audiences, which are based on people similar to those who have engaged with your content before.

Twitter Updates

Some people forget about Twitter, but it can still be a positive social platform if that’s where your target market is and you have the time to post a dozen or so times a day.

Twitter for desktop: The new desktop design has a much slicker look, designed to make it easier to navigate. The top navigation toolbar has also moved over to the left-hand side and it’s much more customizable. It does look cool.

Followers: Twitter has put a limit on the number of users someone can follow in one day. It used to be 1,000 and now it’s down to 400.

Social media is constantly updating to satiate its ever impatient users and, well, make more money. If a business is using social media as a part of their marketing strategy, they have to keep ahead of the curve otherwise competitors will start taking an even larger slice of the pie.

Some of these updates may work in your favour, some might not. If your business is on social media, always keep your eyes out for changes just in case they impact you. Subscribing to Google Alerts is a good start. Or work with Codebreak…!

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