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How Often Should You Be Posting On Social Media?

by | Aug 28, 2020

Ah, the age-old question. I wish I had a pound for each time I’ve been asked that one.

I’d have at least £27 now.

This is a biggie of a question though. It’s a biggie because lots of businesses think social media success is like throwing a load of sh*t at a wall. In other words, you pray that some of it will stick… Even just a little bit.

But what’s the truth behind social media posting?

It is QUALITY over quantity.

Just because you see another business down the road posting ten times a day on Facebook, don’t fall for it. They’re doing that because they don’t know any better. Plus, they’re too tight to pay for Facebook Advertising!

With the average organic reach of a Facebook Page being just 4-5%, you need to pay for Facebook Ads to gain decent traction, I’m afraid. Unless you’re a celeb or a news agency that can report on any story from any industry, ads are a must. #SorryNotSorry

But Facebook Ads are a good thing, to be clear. Want to know why? Get in touch.

The numbers you need to know!

CoSchedule averaged the results from 14 studies on social media posting frequency and here’s what they found:

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn – once a day.

Twitter – 15 times a day.

Pinterest – 11 times a day.

Most people are surprised to hear that the optimal posting frequency for Facebook, Insta and Linky Dink is just once a day.

Again though, it’s down to quality. If you’re posting weak content once a day, of course it’s not going to revolutionise your business.

Better to post 5-7 engaging posts a week, than 20 wishy washy ones.

As for Twitter and Pinterest, we tend to stay away from them. One day, we may take onboard a client where Twitter or Pinterest is beneficial for them over other channels in terms of time & cost vs return but not yet.

So, what’s the secret to nailing your social media posting?

If you’re using Facebook, Instagram and /or LinkedIn, post a variety of interesting/helpful content around 5-10 times a week. Combine this with other online tools such as email marketing, blogging, video and retargeting ads and holistically you’ll be onto a winner!

Ads and retargeting ads will help regularly attract new eyeballs, as well as staying in front of existing fans. If it’s always the same faces engaging with your content, that’s cool but you also need fresh ones.

And don’t get too obsessed with massive numbers; better to have ten people like a post and two buy off you rather than 100 like a post and you don’t get a sniff.

No matter how fluffy posting to social media may appear to be, commercial success will always be underpinned by diligent research. This won’t be of interest to that business down the road I mentioned before. Let them do what they do.

You keep on listening to Codebreak – we’ll give you the FACTS, and we’ll give them to you straight!

For more honest marketing advice that will skyrocket your business, feel free to book a Discovery Call.

Take care and Stay Hungry out there.

Codebreak Marketing Assistant Emily

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