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Should My Business Be Using Emojis? 🤔

by | Oct 3, 2019

Whether you’re a massive fan of emojis or you tend to avoid them, they have become an integral part of communication for many people. Coming from the Japanese words “e” (picture) and “moji” (character), they are here to stay. Sorry!

But what about using emojis for your business? Should you? Does it make you look less professional?

The answer is, it’s your business, so you decide. However, the use of emojis will increase your online engagement.

If you’re in an industry that is, er, how do I say it – dry – please carry on reading. You may be sat there thinking, “Emojis won’t work in my industry.” But you’ll be surprised. Uunless you’re an undertaker. Then I’d definitely leave them out….

The Facts 📊 📈 📋

 Social media marketing has certainly seen the benefits that emojis bring…

– Tweets with emojis see 25% more engagement.
– Facebook posts with emojis result in 57% more likes, 33% more comments and 33% more shares.

– Companies see a 50% rise in email campaign open rates when the subject header includes an emoji.

[Source: HubSpot]

So, what are you waiting for?! Emojis can kickstart your online marketing and engage with your audience. You want your content to leap out. You want your content to be memorable.

But, yes, there is a line. People will switch off if you’re posting 20 different emojis in a row. You’re friendly, you’re not 12.

Emojis can inject more approachability into your company, just through a single social media post. Imagine ending your sentence with a full stop. Now imagine that same sentence with an emoji at the end instead. It automatically seems more friendly and finishes on a high note.

Top tips for using emojis ⬆️ 💡 😃

So, how should I use emojis in my social media?

– If emojis don’t seem suitable for your brand, and none of your peers are using them, don’t force the issue. Think about your target audience and how you want to portray your brand. There are currently over 2,823 emojis, and there are definitely ones that are more professional than others.

– If your target audience is older, don’t think that they are anti-emojis. Many of them are prolific emoji users, as their messages to their grandchildren will show! Emojis genuinely do cross the generation gap.

– Use relevant emojis. If you’re talking about food, why on earth would you use an emoji of a traffic light? I’ve seen it happen. Whether it is someone trying to be wacky, hitting the wrong key or simply not knowing what they’re doing, it can confuse the audience. And confusion leads to indecision, which leads to not buying.

– Be aware that some emojis can have alternative meanings. Sticking with the food theme, don’t use the aubergine emoji. Ever. Google it if you don’t know why.

– Don’t use them in the middle of a sentence. Although this seems like it could be fun, it stops the flow and can even make your sentence confusing. And, as I’ve just said, confusion is bad. Readability is important everywhere online. Short, snappy sentences and no interruptions!

– Don’t feel the need to use emojis in every single post you do. They are good for Facebook Ads though, as again they give that standout. Pretty much every Facebook Ad we design has some emojis in it.

– If you’re going to use emojis in an email subject header, choose them wisely. Some devices don’t show up every emoji, so your email is more likely to get diverted straight to the spam folder. Only use one or two emojis as well; that’s enough. Then test! Send it to a colleague’s Gmail or Hotmail address.

With more and more emojis being added on a regular basis, their advantages are there for the taking. They can help enhance your personality and people buy people.

We know solicitors who use emojis well. Accountants. Financial Advisers. Undertakers. Oh, OK, not undertakers.

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