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What Happens If Staff Do Your Social Media Management?

by | Jul 3, 2020

I get it. Dave in Accounts has got 1,000 Instagram followers, he’s a perfect candidate for social media management, right? He’s not.  He might be, but he probably won’t be, and your business shouldn’t take the chance.

Plus, even if Dave turns out to be a social media management guru, you employed him to do a different job.

If you let team members that aren’t employed as marketers do your social media, the following things will happen…

*Spoiler Alert* They aren’t pretty!

1 – Your social media will suffer from a lack of dedicated focus.

If Dave’s supposed to be looking after your accounts, how is he going to get back to enquiries promptly? Dave is going to drop the ball and potential customers are not going to be happy about it.

People don’t like waiting around in this age of live chat and next day delivery, so that’s a lot of pressure for poor Dave.

Not only will promptness and consistency be an issue, but when will Dave have the time to research, post and analyse engaging social media content? Does he not have deadlines for his actual job that come first?

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen people in a business get all enthused about doing their own social media management, only to find a few weeks in that it’s actually hard work.

Doing it properly means other aspects of their job have to suffer. If they’re a salesperson, they should be selling. Dave should be accounting.

Since Dave is now swamped with being a marketing extraordinaire, and keeping your accounts department in check, when is he finding the time to learn? I’ve been in this game since 1996 and I’m still learning.

As Henry Ford said, “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at 20 or 80.” Otherwise, you get left behind. Especially in the social media industry, it changes by the day.

Facebook Ads alone continue to develop at a pace, so if Dave has got your ads running at 50p per click, that may sound good, but your industry average could be 10p per click?

Does Dave have the inside scoop on getting the cost per click down or is he actually spending more of your hard-earned money than he should? How will you know?

2 – Your brand’s reputation may not be protected.

We had a client who sent us a video from their Christmas party. Work socials can make for good, personable content, but naturally, we advise that the content is generated earlier in the evening rather than later, mainly for the following reason…

This video clip showed the staff dancing in fancy dress, which was fine, until our account manager noticed that a guy on the side of the dance floor was dressed as a penis. Yes, I kid you not.  Top to tail outfit (no pun intended).

Sure, it’s funny, but would you want to buy from someone dressed a penis? (Bet you thought you’d never be asked that question…)

My point is, we were on hand to stop that going out. We instead produced a professional, yet personable, post to represent the evening (no genitalia involved!)

Which begs the question, do you trust Dave 100% to reflect your company’s image and values? Does he even know your brand guidelines? Or, will the content end up being such a mish mash of colours, fonts, and typos, it becomes disjointed without a clear voice?

We all make mistakes but if there are consistent typos and grammatical errors, it just looks bad.

This is crucial if you are a leading brand or want to be. Say you’re a car dealer, when people look at your social, will it instil in them the confidence to give you their money or will their money more likely go to one of your competitors?

In short, is your social media more KFC or Charlie’s Chicken Cottage?

 3 – Possession is 9/10 of the law.

If Dave has been granted full admin access of your socials because you’re a lovely person, he could get up to all sorts if things ever go sour.

Dave could delete your social media, remove access to your Facebook Page, or change passwords and refuse to give them back.

We’ve known cases where the business owner has been asked to pay to get their access back. Dave could post malicious content, which then gets screenshotted and shared and then it goes viral. You’ve been Daved!

A quick Google search will show you what can happen when an ex-staff member has control of your social media and some of the damage may be irreversible.

Unfortunately, everything I’ve mentioned has happened and continues to happen. I wish this were scaremongering, but it isn’t. These horror stories may sound a million miles away until they happen to you. Like insurance, wills and pensions, the attitude can be, “Ah, I’ll look at this at some point but it’s not important now.”

My advice has always been to either have a dedicated marketing or social media management person in-house, full time or part-time, or outsource.

You want your social media to work for you, after all, to give you a return on your time and money. Not be a leaky bucket in your business where it doesn’t work or needs fixing!

Do or do not, there is no try, as Yoda said. Great marketer, that bloke.

For free marketing advice that’s tailor-made to you, book a call with Joel or myself through codebreak.co.uk.

P.S. No Dave’s were harmed in the making of this blog.

P.P.S. Don’t now be suspicious of anyone on your team called Dave…

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