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Should You Be Using Facebook Fonts?

by | May 8, 2019

We’re all used to seeing the same font in our Facebook feeds. You can bold it, if you know what you’re doing, maybe italicise parts or even use caps if you’re feeling shouty. But, generally speaking, the simplicity of the font is what makes your newsfeed look slick and neat. Have you heard about Facebook fonts?

So, why is Facebook testing out the ability to change fonts for status updates?

Mark Zuckerberg once said that the Facebook newsfeed should be a ‘personalised newspaper’. Which makes sense, but should we be allowed total creative control when it comes to the styling of our updates?

At the moment, the proposed font changes are only in the testing stage. We don’t know if we’ll be seeing them on both desktop and mobile, or whether Facebook will even go ahead with the change.

Facebook Fonts

Are Facebook fonts a good thing?

Here at Codebreak, we’re dubious about this new style ability Facebook could be granting users. OK, there will be positives if we’re talking about people’s personal status updates; allowing your posts to stand out and catch people’s eye….

But there will be a those who use it sparingly and cleverly and those whose posts will become a cacophony of awfulness. You probably know which of your friends will be the latter. Those who live on Facebook, have 20 cats and post positivity quotes that are clearly aimed at their ex-partners.

Newsfeeds will start to look cluttered and aesthetically unpleasing. If you imagine a fine dining restaurant menu; everything is probably laid out nicely and cleanly. That is your Facebook feed now. What might you think of the restaurant if suddenly their menu was all over the place? Different fonts, font sizes, colours…?

It’s the same with the big brands out there. Their marketing is consistent. McDonald’s golden arches are always exactly the same font and size ratio. Imagine if McDonald’s franchisees were each allowed to do their own version? The whole brand would be compromised and people might start wondering what was going on. And when doubt creeps in, decisions to purchase are affected.

You get to recognise a brand’s identity and take comfort in it, whether you know it or not. No matter what people are posting about on Facebook, it still looks ‘Facebook-y’.

What about my Facebook business page?

We haven’t heard any news about whether Facebook business pages will be able to post these different fonts. But if individuals are able to, it’s likely that so will businesses.

As a business owner, again it’s important to maintain and reinforce your brand identity. If you do mix things up a little and use these fonts, we would still advise consistency. Pick a font and stick to it, otherwise, your page will end up looking like a mismatch. To come back to the restaurant idea, the first bite is with the eye.

Of course, we’re yet to actually see what Facebook has in store for us with these fonts, it’s hard to tell what we’ll be getting and if they can be used to your commercial advantage. Maybe when you promote a special offer, that could be a different font. So different fonts for different purposes… as long as you haven’t got 20 purposes. That might work if planned out and clarified with anyone who posts to your page.

It will always come down to proper research and testing. As entrepreneurs, when something new and shiny comes along, it’s tempting to push to the front of the queue. We want to be trendsetters, forward thinkers and influencers. But social media is a minefield, where all the platforms have made mistakes in an effort to keep the buzz going. Let everyone else jump in feet first. You sit back, watch, then make an informed decision.

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