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Should Your Only Call-to-Action Be to Call?

by | Nov 20, 2020

In a word, no. 

Yes, we all love the telephone and it’s the end of the world that no one wants to use it for long, meaningful conversations anymore… blah, blah, blah… but follow the facts.

As business owners and managers, we have to be practical. What we do has to work. Personal feelings have to come second to facts. And when it comes to getting in touch, there are two of ‘em:

1) lots of people don’t like picking up the phone to phone people


2) can you guarantee that you or your employees will answer the phone should someone call?

Not wanting to call isn’t age-specific either. You may think I’ve been talking about younger people but it’s prevalent across all demographics. With older people – maybe not when it comes to communicating with friends, but definitely when contacting businesses – there’s a bit of fear involved.

 Now people have a choice whereas before they didn’t. It was call or nothing.

 So if you’re paying for ads and the sole call-to-action is to call, you’ll be losing out on enquiries. Guaranteed. You need to offer an online option.

Who leaves a voicemail?

 The second point is that if someone does call to make an enquiry or place an order, will the phone get answered? There’s a reason Virtual Assistants and call answering services are massively popular.

 Because if your phone doesn’t get answered, the control is gone. That potential new customer could simply move on to the next supplier on their list.

 No, they won’t leave a voicemail, I’m afraid. Well, 10% may. Is that a risk you want to take?

 So, again, at least give people a choice. Call or email. Call or fill out an online form. Call or message. (Unless you do have a 24/7 VA.)

Prompt response to enquiries

 The caveat with online comms is that you’ll need to get back to people sharpish. If people send you an online enquiry (or leave a voicemail), they won’t hang around forever. If you don’t get back to them within a day, forget it. That’s just the way it is in this age of free next day delivery.

 To be honest, if you can get back to an enquiry within a day, you’re halfway there. So many businesses don’t get back to enquiries promptly, if at all… which is great for you. I love it when the competition’s slack!

Measuring ad success

 If, for whatever reason, you only want to give people one option for getting in touch, make it online rather than offline.

 Online comms means you can measure enquiries more accurately from your Facebook and Google Ads. Conversion ads are a wonderful thing.

 As long as you test and measure your ads properly, you’ll know how much it costs you to acquire a new lead. And for any enquirers you can’t get hold of, you can retarget them via their email address or mobile number.

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Stay safe, stay hungry.

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