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Signs You Haven’t Got Your Customers’ Trust and How to Get it!

by | Nov 6, 2020

Having your customer’s trust is so important. It’s how you retain customers, generate bigger and better sales, and make your business indispensable.

If your customers trust you, then you are in a powerful position.

But do they? How do you know if they do? And if they don’t trust you, how do you get them to?

Signs your customer doesn’t trust you!

How do you feel about the relationship with your customers? Do you feel positive about it? If you don’t, chances are, they don’t either. So think about ways you can reach out, check-in, and open up those lines of communication.

Speaking of check-ins, are you doing this regularly? Or do your customers have to chase you? If they are constantly having to come to you, that’s not going to instil confidence.

Could you ask your customers for a review at any time? If the answer is no, chances are something hasn’t gone as it should. That’s okay. Mistakes happen, we’re all human. The good news is, if you know about it, you can fix it. Not only that, but you can learn from it and put a process in place to stop it from happening again. 

Do they question what you do for them often? Sure, people are protective of their business. But there’s a difference between a customer being interested in what you’re doing, and being nervous about it. If it’s the latter, it’s important you show them how capable you are. With examples, with good communication, with going above and beyond. 

If after that, you’re thinking, shiiiiiiit, I don’t think they do trust me, I’ve got you.


How do you gain your customers’ trust?

  • What’s your entire customer experience? People want to feel special and taken care of. Assured and supported. Do you do that from the moment they enquire? What little touches do you have in place throughout?

  • Be socially active – Showing up on social media is so important for building trust. You show you’re real. You build your visibility. You can showcase your expertise, brand, and that you care.

  • Communicate more. Especially now. It’s important your customer always know what you’re doing for them and why that’s beneficial. Don’t be scared to show them the positive impact you are having on their business.

  • Personalise your customers’ journey – The more people feel like they are getting a bespoke and premium service, the better. Even if they aren’t. Making someone feel thought about inspires trust. You care about them, they want to use you. Why wouldn’t they?


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