5 Hacks to Improve Your Small Business’ Digital Marketing

by | Feb 12, 2021

Just because you are a small business, doesn’t mean that your marketing can’t give the big boys a run for their money! 

You may not have the marketing budget of a Coca-Cola, Nike or McDonald’s… but with a solid marketing plan, you can capture your corner of the market!

But these days, it’s not always easy to know where to get started… that is why we have put together our 5 hacks to help small businesses improve their digital marketing.

1 – Know your niche in the market and focus on that 

Who is your core customer? What do you offer that makes people choose you over your competitors? What makes you different? 

Don’t spread yourself to think by marketing to everyone…. One of the best ways to make your marketing really work for you is to really focus your marketing on your niche, your key customer avatar.

Use language, imagery and offers that really resonate with them!

2 – Get valuable reviews from customers 

Yes, you can tell people why you are so great… but nothing beats a previous customer, who is so happy with your services that they just had to tell everyone how good their experience was.

But how can you ensure that you start getting more of these great reviews? 

Make sure that people know that you have a Google My Business. Share the reviews you do get! And finally, there is no reason why you can’t send a link to your reviews page to that ecstatic customer who is so happy with your service!

3 – Use the reviews that you do get 

Once you start getting those amazing reviews, don’t forget to share them with your audience!

Yes, they are visible on your GMB, but why not also share them on your social media, in your advertising and on your website.

Make sure that anyone who is thinking about coming to you, gets a chance to see what your previous customers think!

4 – Advertise on Facebook 

Ok, so this isn’t really a hack… but it’s an important one! 

These days you can’t just get by with non-paid-social. But, that is a whole blog in itself! To learn why you need to be spending, check out Andy’s blog here.

5 – Make sure you are available 

Finally, and this one may seem like a no-brainer. But, you wouldn’t believe the number of times we have seen businesses miss the ball on this. 

Make sure that potential new customers have a way of getting in touch with you. 

It’s all about having a clear customer journey!

Not too complicated, not too long, make sure it is visible and no matter if it’s a phone number, email address or Facebook inbox… makes sure that it is monitored and people get a fast response!

Nothing kills an enquiry better than taking a week to get back to someone.

And that is it, master these 5 hacks and the results should speak for themselves! 

If you want to talk to someone about how to get as much out of your marketing as possible, book your Discovery Call with Joel or Andy today. 

And #StayHungry!

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