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“Social media is not a media. The key is to listen, engage, and build relationships.”

– David Alston

Facebook Advertising

Facebook is free, which means swathes of people use it. But without paying for Facebook Advertising, most businesses will struggle to reach and engage with enough people to make a difference. According to social@ogilvy, the average organic reach is just 4% – 5%. Other sources say even lower.

The positive is that Facebook Advertising is affordable for most businesses. There aren’t many places where you can advertise for a few pounds a day.

But… (there’s always a “but”!) if you’re planning on spending the minimum £1 a day on your Facebook Ads, don’t expect them to set your world on fire. Your business has to be worth more than that. Our absolute minimum recommended budget is £5 a day for a local business. Most of our clients spend between £10 and £50 a day.

The main benefits of Facebook Advertising are the volume of people you can reach and how targeted you can be. Would you like to show your ads to women in their 30s in Oxford who have young children and like tennis? No problem.

Facebook allows us to target specific people by interests, job titles and more.

We can even target people by email address. Say, people who haven’t bought off you in a while or those who enquired but didn’t convert. You can retarget people; those who have visited a specific webpage and haven’t bought, for example. Follow them around the interweb for a bit.

Facebook Ads don’t just appear on Facebook, remember. You can get them to appear on Instagram and a tonne of external websites that Facebook partners with (Audience Network).

The world of Facebook Advertising does change regularly, so our team is always learning. That way, we can continue to get the best costs per click for our clients.

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Social Media Management

As you know, social media can be a fantastic way of letting people know what you offer and why. But long experience has repeatedly shown us  that a business needs to be in or out. Do or do not, as Yoda said. No playing about or posting whenever you feel like it.

There is a huge difference between posting a couple of times a week and having marketing professionals manage everything for you.

You wouldn’t believe the horror stories we’ve seen when some business owners try to do their social media themselves, as they are so busy doing everything else too. Or when they let one of their employees handle it. Someone posting to get likes and LOLs off their mates is a lot different to posting commercially.

Social media in the wrong hands can finish a business. 

This is what our comprehensive social media management service offers:

Content research and posting

Client content vetting


Branded posts

Audience build

Handling comments, questions and enquiries 24/7

Dealing with trolls

Facebook Advertising

As a minimum of three people look after every account we manage, you’re always covered. If a potential new customer of yours sends an enquiry on a Saturday, we will sort it. Even Christmas Day…!

We set up a WhatsApp Group to make the sharing of content easy and any emergency out-of-hours contact. Not many agencies will do this because it can be a hugely stressful, time-consuming job.

And our work is consistent. Codebreak works on clients’ social media accounts day in, day out. Most business owners have got better things to be doing than managing their social! So sooner or later they go off the boil, the posting stops and they miss out on new business.

Strategy & Training

Some businesses want to look after their social media in-house. They just need a kickstart. Maybe they are starting their social media from scratch or perhaps it needs re-energising. So they come to Codebreak’s Shrewsbury office for social media training.

We offer a half day strategy & training session, usually 9am – 1pm, including lunch. The training would be tailor-made to you. We look at your social media accounts rather than social media in general.

Which social media channels should you be using? What’s your game plan? Who are the people you want to be reaching? Are basic fundamentals such as the right levels of admin access set? We look at everything.

The channels we can help with are Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. We do manage Twitter accounts for B2B clients but at the moment are seeing more success for them on LinkedIn. So we train on that.

For further information on Codebreak’s social media training in Shrewsbury, click here.

From using Facebook Advertising to recruit members of staff and promote special offers to generating enquiries, their service is 24/7 and an invaluable part of our marketing and customer retention strategies.

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How are you different?

Our team is trained “The Codebreak Way”. In terms of practically applying social media for SMEs, we believe our way is amongst the best. It is THE best in terms of proactivity.

We will nudge, prompt, chase and hound you for content that we need (depending on the package you’re on). We will take the reins rather than just blindly accept and use whatever content you send across. You’ll enjoy honesty in spades.

We will keep an eye out for interesting news from your industry. Even if you were to send us nothing, we’d still be posting for you. But it works better if we’re in it together.

How do you deal with trolls?

We are a hugely responsive marketing agency, which means time-sensitive actions such as a negative review or comment are dealt with quickly. This reduces the risk of a public backlash.

Codebreak protects as well as promotes our clients. We know how to read people, even online. So we know the most suitable courses of action.

We have dealt with the worst of the worst over the years. Most of the negativity is from trolls, keyboard tough guys and, well, idiots.

But if you genuinely provide a bad service and the negative comments are constructive and ongoing, we would part ways.

How often would you post?

The optimal frequency for Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn is five to ten times a week. Research tells us that. It is very much a case of quality over quantity. You would be better off having four strong posts a week than 20 so-so ones.

What's the contract?

There is an initial three-month term. Afterwards, we offer one-month, three-month and six-month deals. The longer you commit to, the lower the per month price.

Direct Debit is the only method of payment.

We charge for our services but the Facebook Ad budget comes from your own credit card.

Which platforms should we be using?

It depends on the type of business. There is no ‘one size fits all’. But as a generalization, we’d say Facebook and Instagram for B2C and Facebook Ads and LinkedIn for B2B.

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