Start With Why

by | Sep 20, 2021

This is all about confirmation bias. Not the s*xiest of subjects, but an important one.

Confirmation bias is when you find information that supports, rather than rejects, your preconceptions about something.

Let’s say you want to lose weight but still fancy a drink now and then. You’ll gravitate towards diets that allow you to do that. If you come across diets where you can’t touch alcohol at all, or even look at it, you’ll dismiss them, no matter how convincing their argument.

It’s human nature.

The internet has made it worse

The internet has made it worse. If you Google, “How can I lose weight but still drink?”, guess what kind of articles and ads will start popping up on your phone? That’s how the algorithms work. They’ll show you more of what they think you want to see.

In business, it’s a case of marketing yourself based upon what you like and what you have heard will work. You see Sally in Scunthorpe, who’s got lots of followers, saying how cool LinkedIn Ads are. You quite like LinkedIn, so it sows the seed. Maybe you then see someone else say LinkedIn Ads have worked for them. Or you even notice that a competitor has started using LinkedIn Ads….

Before you know it, you want to be doing LinkedIn Ads for your business. Everything you now see is telling you this.

So, WHY? 

At Codebreak, Joel and I see too many people make marketing decisions based on confirmation bias. They come to us asking us to do Facebook Ads for them, to sort their SEO for them. And our reply will always be, “Why?”

Start with why. (A great book by Simon Sinek, by the way.)

Why do you want to do something, and is that ‘why’ a good enough reason?

Is it going to make your boat go faster?

You can either set aside the time to research the facts properly… or why not ask an expert in that field? Whether that’s your marketing, your financial investments, whatever. Many business owners don’t because it requires letting go. Which is hard for us to do, right! But you can’t do it all, not if you want to scale your business.

Until next time, Stay hungry.

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