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Style Over Substance In Your Marketing

by | Sep 13, 2021

Man, there’s a lot of reality TV cr*p out there at the moment.

I remember when it all began. When Channel 4 launched Big Brother. I was at ITV and, although it was novelty at first, the viewing figures soon showed us there was an appetite for it. My boss said it was the end of Western Civilization as we knew it. He may have been right….

One generalisation about reality TV is that there’s a lot of beautiful people out there… with not much to say.

And this is RIFE in marketing too. Lots of pretty photos and videos that businesses are putting out through their socials… with no purpose behind them.

That doesn’t mean every piece of content should be a hard-hitting sales message. But a piece of content should do something besides look cool unless your sole objective is brand awareness.

The rule of thumb Joel and I have at Codebreak is that, where possible, every piece of content should:





If you flick through your socials and see lots of cool imagery and videography… put yourself in your ideal customer’s shoes and ask: “Am I now more likely to buy?”

Over the years, I’ve seen some beautiful photography and videography. Content that businesses have paid a fortune for. But, unless it’s accompanied by copywriting with purpose, those sales numbers ain’t gonna go up.

Here’s a pretty picture of someone running on a treadmill. Great. Now tell me why I should join your gym rather than Bob’s down the road.

Here’s a pretty video of a cocktail being made. Great. Now tell me why I should drink in your bar rather than Sue’s down the road.

Good photos and videos matter, of course. But so do the words accompanying them. Copywriting is simply not as glamorous, which is why it often gets overlooked.

If your game is to sell more stuff, keep checking your Style vs. Substance.

If you’re marketing is as pretty as a picture but doesn’t move the needle, book a Discovery Call with myself or Joel.

Have an awesome week. Stay hungry. I’m off to watch Love Island.

Not really.

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