Successes, They’ll Claim, and Any Failures, They’ll Blame

by | Aug 31, 2021

Every business owner has had it. That nagging feeling that a customer is taking the credit for all the wins and dishing out blame for all the losses.

And worst still, even if you can prove the results are because of you, it doesn’t wash.

Accept it. Successes, they’ll claim. Failures, they’ll blame.

Once you accept this, it becomes much easier to deal with.

And better still, there is a key element you need to incorporate in all your dealings with customers.

Tribe mentality.

You’re a team. You win together. You lose together.

Talk in terms of ‘we’ and ‘us’, not ‘us and them’. Make it clear you’re in it together. Make it clear just how much you care.

So why bother?

The risk of not having unity with your customers is losing them. If they forever see their gains as led by them and their losses as someone else’s fault, one day you’ll be that someone.

By building a tribe mentality, you’re going to “war” alongside your customers. You’re their ‘go-to’ when the going gets tough, you’re the people they want to have a pint with when it goes well.

That sort of mentality makes you indispensable. They can’t imagine doing this stuff without you.

You can’t afford not to bother.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller, American Author

The 6.5 things you need to know to build your ‘tribe’

  1. Have a strong voice – your tone must be consistent and familiar across email, invoices, social media and your website.
  2. Make customers feel part of something (think rewards, merch, a login area, regular catch ups, customer only newsletters etc)
  3. Take ownership of the losses. Share the pain together. Help them plan for future wins.
  4. Be available. Not literally. But give them access to your calendar to book calls, make sure the account manager looks after them, ensure customer services always address them by their first name.
  5. Stay in touch with them.
  6. Help them. Genuinely help them. Make sure they’re getting the most out of your product or service.

½ – Don’t be a dick. A core code of conduct for Codebreak interactions. 9/10 people won’t be being difficult because they’re awful people. It’ll be a perceived indifference in value. Stay calm, don’t be a dick and continue to work on steps one to six.

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