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Taking The Repetition Out Of Your Social Media Marketing

by | Feb 23, 2022

Have you heard of the Self-Transcendence 3100? It’s the world’s longest certified foot race. Not only is it 3,100 miles, get this, it’s run around a one-mile loop. Yes, you run the same

loop 3,100 times. So, it’s not just a physical test, it’s a massive mental test. I mean, can you imagine running round and round, seeing the same things, over and over again? In most jobs there’s a

degree of repetition, right? Tasks you have to do over and over again, that’s life.

But when it comes to marketing, you do often have a choice.

 So, I invite you to bear in mind these two things…

One, no matter what marketing you’re doing, it’s going to be the less repetitive than running a one-mile loop 3,100 times and easier on your knees, so count your blessings.

 And two, the real action points. There’s probably software and processes that can lower the frequency of those tasks for you. There should be little manual repetition involved in marketing nowadays.

I mean let’s look at the biggest culprit, social media posting. You post about something one day and then you post about something else the next day. And the next, repeat until you lose the will to live.

Your content becomes soulless, or you simply stop posting. With the average organic reach of a Facebook post being just 4%, you can use software to make the same posts go out multiple times and on different platforms too, not within hours of each other, of course.

Some people may see that post more than once, but the overwhelming majority won’t.

That’s what you have to get your head around. Remember, it’s just a tiny 4% reach. A key process that can help reduce the repetition and effectiveness of your workload is content repurposing and marrying the two together will save you so much time. Content repurposing is where you can turn one piece of content into multiple pieces of content.

You film a video for a video post. Then you rip off the audio and you have a Microcast.

You transcribe the audio and you have a blog, et cetera, et cetera.

Now none of this is a hack or shortcut, it’s simply working smarter.

The result is improved efficiency. Plus, you keep your sanity, win-win.

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Until next time, Stay Hungry.

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