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The Importance of your Calls to Action

by | May 29, 2019

Your calls to action are more important than you think…

So, what is the point of spending hours of your precious time on marketing your product or service online, whether it be on a website or on social media, and then not giving your potential customer or client a clear avenue to physically purchase or enquire?

This integral link is the most crucial part of converting your website or social media visitor into your next customer or client.

Do calls to action really help?

Simple answer, yes.

It’s estimated that 90 percent of people who particularly look at your website will read your CTAs and if they are embedded in the main body of your text, then your conversion rate will increase by over 120 percent!

Trial and error

Keeping a close eye on your call to actions and tweaking them every so often could be the key to increasing your conversions.

 Don’t be afraid to try out different phrases, rather than sticking to the normal ‘sign-up here’, ‘buy now’ and ‘get in touch’. Injecting a little more of your company’s personality into your text will be quite effective.

When analysing your website using Google Analytics, you will be able to track how often each of your CTAs are used, so compare and ensure you’re using the most optimal wording you can.

Call to actions

Useful call to action suggestions

 Firstly, a word of advice – whether your CTA is on your website, blog or social media, be mindful of coming over aggressively or demanding. You have to be clear what you want your visitor to do, from where they can enquire, find out more or make a purchase, sure. But phrases such as, “Do it now!”, “Call TODAY!” and “You’d be mad not to get in touch!” can rub people up the wrong way.

Here would be a list of our suggestions:

To learn more –

Read more

Check out



If a person is to share something on social media –

Spread the word

Show the world that you

Tell your friends that you

Retweet/share if you think/feel/believe

To make a booking –

Save your seat

Make your reservation

This way for your ticket

Reserve your spot

If your business is looking at ways to increase conversion rates or enquiries, through either your website or social media, feel free to get in touch with us via our contact form, or call 01743 491356.

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