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The Power of a Podcast II

by | Nov 19, 2019

“I love a podcast. It is like listening to the radio but you choose the topic.”

A recent guest on our podcast said that. He was spot on.

Codebreak’s podcast has evolved. The temptation early on was to plug our expertise quite a lot but we realised it was coming across too salesy. We soon got past that.

We’ve got regular listeners now. People that look out for our Break It Down podcast every Monday. And we have seen great benefits, from increased brand awareness to staff engagement.

To go a bit more in depth:

People feel like they know us

Listeners have heard our individual voices and they’ve got to know our sense of humour. They realise when it comes to marketing, we know what we are talking about. Without being in their face, as mentioned earlier.

When it comes to dealing with someone for the first time and they’ve been listening to you for six months, it really does make that conversation easier. That’s the beauty of marketing.

We’ve taken risks

Several times now we’ve sat down with clients or industry experts and, with no prompt or script, gave them free rein to mention or ask anything.

Opinions come out. Knowledge gets tested. Ideas get challenged. And do you know what? The podcast and our company is all the better for it.

People have requested to feature

Industry experts, people we otherwise may not have met, have heard our podcast. Better yet, they’ve requested to be on it.
This has added more credibility to Break It Down as well as sharing insights from industries other than marketing.

The staff love it

Our team enjoys coming up with podcast ideas. Only yesterday they recorded their feedback on this year’s John Lewis Christmas advert. They’re trusted to share their knowledge and have fun with it.

It is a great way to introduce our team to our audience, with the added benefit that the staff get to showcase their individual expertise and opinions. Win, win!

Why should you podcast?

– Showcase your expertise
– Get your voice and tone across
– Introduce the key experts in your team
– Invite others in to your “community”
– Regularly speak to your listeners
– Motivate your staff

If you’re local to us in Shropshire and would like to feature on our podcast or want some more information on how a podcast could become one of your key marketing tools, get in touch.

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