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The Real Reason You Aren’t Making Any Sales!

by | Sep 3, 2020

Frustrating isn’t it? When you’re pouring more time and money into your marketing and still every sale feels like hard graft. That nagging feeling you’d have got these sales anyway despite all your efforts.

And worse still…you just can’t be sure. Has the market become saturated? Is your offering becoming dated? What’s causing all this friction?

The good news is that there is a clear route to resolving this quandary…

People make a purchasing decision when they think they need something.

How to make people think they NEED what you’re selling…

Emotional need is fuelled by desire. And desire can be fuelled by only a handful of things…
It could be a problem that your product or service definitely solves. It could be status or prestige, elevating people. Or it could be basic needs and convenience.
You need to know which of those desires you fulfil, be ultra-confident when you fulfil it, and then communicate it with passion and enthusiasm.

How to show them what you’re selling is EXACTLY what they need!

Once someone realises they need your product or service, that sale becomes so much easier. Simply providing the service or product isn’t enough. Being there isn’t enough, you need to show people that they need you. Educate them.
That smart combination of brand awareness, education, confidence without cockiness, delivery, and support. Your marketing becomes part of your whole methodology.
Find the audience that needs you, show them why they need you, educate them on why you’re the best business to fulfil that need, and then fulfil that need like it’s the most important thing your company has ever done.

How to use your marketing to educate your customers

Your marketing needs to become part of the whole process:
1. Brand awareness, make people aware of you.
2. Make people aware of the need that they have.
3. Show how your product or service best fulfils that need.
4. Take the prospect to the point of sale and fulfil the need beyond their wildest expectations.
5. Explain to them what you’ve just done and how you can further support them.

Stop thinking of marketing as an automatic route to sales and start thinking about it as a way to educate your audience in how you can best help them.

Watch that sales friction disappear.

If you’d like help with making more sales, more profitably, book a marketing Q&A Discovery Call with me. I’d love to hear about your business.

Take care and Stay Hungry!

Codebreak Marketing Assistant Emily

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