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Three Things to Ask Yourself Before Jumping into an Email Campaign

by | Dec 3, 2020

Everyone is doing it. And so few are doing it well.

Worse still, get it wrong and you’re banished from inboxes forever.

What am I talking about? Email marketing, of course.

2020 has seen a huge surge in email marketing. Afterall, it’s low cost, it’s accessible to anyone that knows how to send an email (sort of) and the assumption is that nobody has anything better to do than read their email this year.

Except that’s kind of missing the point. Just because someone gave you a business card in a network meeting seven years ago doesn’t mean they want to lease a photocopier off you now.

Now, we use email marketing ourselves and see great results, continuing to do it even with the 2020 email surge. But there are three things you should always ask yourself before putting a campaign together…

Does it feel personal?

 Have you personalised the email? The simplest things can make it feel like a lot of thought has gone into to it.

 As a minimum, you should use your customer’s name throughout the email, but there are other things you can do with email platforms. Make reference to their last purchase, mention something they left in their cart, point to their last login. You can make it feel very specific to them.

Is it worth reading?

 What’s in it for them? Are you offering them something? You have to bring value to their inbox. That might be in the form of tips and advice, it could be an exciting offer, it could be you reinforcing what an important part of your community they are.

 Just remember, if at any point they feel like just a number, your email is doomed.

Can you automate it?

Do your emails send at a time when people are most likely to read them? Does your platform report back any bounces and clean your lists? Are unsubscribes handled for you? Automation means less work for you and better results. You should even be able to segment your lists so you can target your emails based on different customer types.

 If the answer to all three questions is yet, you are halfway there!

So, remember…

1 – Does it feel personal?
2 – Is it worth reading?
3 – Can you automate it?

Get this right and you will be better than 99% of the marketing emails people are receiving right now.

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