Today’s Reward Is Tomorrow’s Entitlement

by | Sep 7, 2021

This one’s mainly for service-based business owners.

You want to go the extra mile for clients. I get that. But I wouldn’t advise running an extra marathon….

Because today’s reward is tomorrow’s entitlement.

If you’re being paid to do X but you give them Y for free, and then do it again, by the time the third time comes around… it will be expected.

Since childhood, we’re conditioned not to like having things taken off us. So when you have to tell someone they can’t have something for free anymore, don’t expect them to like it, especially if they don’t fit your customer avatar.

This is what my old man told me when he was a doctor:

“You’re only as good as your last prescription.”

I’ve talked about this before as it is so engrained in my memory. When my dad told me as a teenager. His patients who were being signed off sick loved him as long as he carried on writing their prescriptions and signing them off. When he deemed them well enough to stop the prescriptions and go back to work… oh dear. All that love out of the window.

My advice is still to go above and beyond. But if you’re going to include something for free it has to be something you are ALWAYS prepared to include. Because if it’s not, you’ll either have to stop providing it at some point and risk a client hissy fit, or accept that it’s going to continually eat into your bottom line.

It’s the undoing of many a kind business owner. You add up all those extra miles and, well, you’re too tired to do anything.

Making your marketing clear will help, of course. It will make sure more of the right people come your way in the first place, those less likely to be tyre kickers, time vampires or Mickey-takers. It will make sure they know you’re great at what you do, but that it’s also a level playing field.

You’re running a business, JUST LIKE THEM.

None of this ‘me big client, you lowly supplier’ rubbish. You’re better than that. Leave the power games to the amateurs.

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Stay Hungry.

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