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Top Reasons Why Social Media is an Important Investment

by | Dec 10, 2019

“Social Media? What a waste of time.”

Some business owners still say this. Not many. One study showed that 90% of small business owners consider social media important for their business. [source: Michael A. Stelzner]

It sure ain’t a fad. It is ingrained in many aspects of work and life, whether we like it or not. My mother-in-law thinks the explosion of social media is the end of Western civilization as we know it, yet ironically can’t manage a day without Facebook.

Regardless, here are Codebreak’s main reasons (in no particular order) why social media is crucial to any forward-thinking, growing business. Enjoy…

Brand awareness

With nearly half of the world using social media, you can target a tonne of potential customers in one place without having to spend a fortune, if anything. Your content can be easily shared and become more accessible, getting your business found in a variety of online searches. This helps make your brand more recognizable.

The rub is that you do need to be consistently putting out content. Post once in a blue moon and you’ll always struggle. People might not be ready to buy now, but when they are, you want your name to be the one that pops into their head.

Keep tabs on your industry through Social Media

Social media and Google Alerts are the main ways we keep abreast of what’s going on in our industry. Sure, we attend marketing conferences and expos but online is vital. Where else can you get minute-by-minute updates? A weekly industry magazine?! That will keep you informed retrospectively but it won’t keep your finger on the pulse.

This will also provide you with great content ideas. By following businesses, organisations and public figures you admire, you’ll get a whole load of content ideas to share and comment on.

You can also keep tabs on your competitors. What are they doing well? Don’t blatantly nick their content, but gain inspiration, for sure.

What are they doing badly? Have a giggle and believe in yourself.

Who are they connected with that you should be connected with?

Humanise your brand

Putting a face behind your business will help customers identify and connect with your company. As long as you haven’t got a cold and unapproachable face, of course. Social media enables you to connect with consumers in an informal manner, regardless of your industry. Be fresh, be different.

Social media is no place to be dry or stuffy. People buy people. There is an assumption that “my audience won’t be on social media”. Nine times out of ten they’re wrong. And there’s no better way to put your team front and centre.

Increase Website Traffic

Writing informative blogs will position you as an expert within your field. They will also increase traffic to your website, when you link through to them from social media. (Blogs will grow your website traffic through SEO too. Google loves fresh, meaty content.)

Social media posts can be organic, i.e. free of charge, but why not put money behind your best blogs? Every client that Codebreak helps has at least one paid-for ‘clicks to website’ Facebook Ad running. Proactively drive lots of the people to your website for a few pence per click. If you know what you’re doing, they’ll be the right people too; you don’t want to be paying to reach people who are unlikely to ever buy off you.

Generate Leads

Social media platforms can be a cost-effective way of generating leads for your business and dropping people into your sales funnel. The convenience of people being able to message you there and then is attractive, making the dear old phone call redundant. People see something they like the sound of, and can request more info or submit their details in a few clicks… all from the comfort of their home or ergonomic office chair.

Facebook is the best social media platform from a paid-for perspective, in our opinion. You can run specific data capture ads, where Facebook will pre-fill the contact form for the viewer. Or you could use a ‘clicks to website’ ad to drive people to a sales page or landing page. Conversion ads are good if the goal on your landing page is to capture people’s details.

Boost Sales through Social Media

No matter what you sell, social media can help you sell it. No, you can’t write crass ‘buy me now’ types of post all the time or look like you’re desperate. But when you engage with your audience, you should garner trust over time and the sales will come.

If you are running special offers and want hard cash right now, social media can also work well. Again, this should be done through a paid-for ad. Ads are there to sell. Your organic content is primarily there to inform. Sales will come down to volume and targeting, and not many traditional platforms can offer both.

Social Media Analytics

Social media can be seen as pink and fluffy but, underneath it all, comes with an array of tracking and analytics tools. They enable you to see the full impact of your time and money without risking too much “paralysis by analysis”. The basic indicators should be the number of followers, reach and engagement. Then clicks and conversions.

Your social media numbers will probably plateau now and then – it can’t be an upward curve forever – but you need to be able to make regular informed decisions on how much of your time, effort and money you allocate to any of your marketing. Lots of businesses use social media because they think they have to (and they’re right) but it still needs to be actioned properly.

Learn, learn, learn. Because when a business says, “Social media doesn’t work for me,” it usually means they’re not implementing it correctly. Or they’re trying to do it without an ad budget.

If you’re spending the aforementioned time, effort and money on social media and are not sure whether it’s working as well as it should, bag yourself a free audit courtesy of Codebreak.

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