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Top Tips For A Successful Email Campaign

by | Aug 21, 2019

Some people see an email campaign as old school marketing, but email campaigns have the highest conversion rate when compared to social and direct mail. [Source: www.campaignmonitor.com] So, if you’re not harnessing the power of email campaigns, you could be missing out!

Let’s iron this out before we go any further, by email campaigns we mean relevant, timely campaigns – not daily emails explaining your latest offers that no one reads (Unless that works for you of course!) You don’t want to annoy your audience.

We are a sucker for a good email campaign here at Codebreak. Get your email looking tip-top with our top tips…

The Email Campaign Subject Line

Plain and simple, the better your subject line, the more opens you’ll get. The subject line should draw attention and make your audience want to read on.

Avoid things like “sale”, “special offers” and “free”, spam filters really don’t like them and it’s likely your email will go straight into junk.

Think outside the box when it comes to your subject lines. What would make you want to open your email?


Content is crucial. You want your readers to look forward to receiving your email. The copy needs to be interesting, not sales-y. Some good content examples could be company news, staff milestones or your views on something topical from your industry.

Your text needs to be brilliant and you need it to look brilliant. No-one cares for a huge paragraph with no breaks or imagery – it just hurts to read! Split your text with headers, bullet points and nice images. Make it as easy as possible for the reader.

Testing the email campaign

Once you’ve got your content looking fresh and informative, you’ll want to test it. Never send an email campaign without testing, that’s when formatting disasters can happen!

Most email campaign platforms will let you, so please use it. Then you can double-check for any errors, spelling mistakes or formatting problems. Your email will look different in an actual email compared to an email campaign platform.


Have you got a big database? Is your content relevant to every single one of them? This tip is a little more for the seasoned email marketer, but helpful none the less!

Most email campaign platforms let you split your audience into different segments. You could choose different locations, for example, something that’s relevant to a client in Shrewsbury, might not be relevant to a client in Birmingham.

Reporting on your email campaign

One of the best things about email campaign platforms is that you can easily report on the campaign. Depending on how your company wants to measure the success of the email campaign, depends on which metric you need to look out for.

The reporting tool is great for seeing what to improve on. Do you want a higher open rate? Try a more creative subject line. Want more click-throughs? Keep your content brief and encourage people to read more on your site.

Sending email campaigns doesn’t need to be difficult. Most online platforms are free (depending on your database size) and simple to use. If email marketing isn’t part of your marketing plan, you should definitely include it.

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