Understanding Your Customer’s Journey

by | Jul 8, 2021

In this blog, we’re talking to you about understanding your customer’s journey. 

It’s an awesome feeling when a new customer appears out of nowhere. It feels like a bonus. However, I’ll have you consider that should never happen. That your customer journey should be carefully curated and planned.

You can’t afford not to plan customer journey

Why? Because by knowing the route a prospect takes, you can see exactly where people start, exactly where people fall away, and exactly where they buy.

 To give you an example, here at Codebreak we know that if a prospect engages with our business, on average on day 41 they’ll either buy or pass.

 If I went into depth I can tell you what content they’ve seen in that period, what they’ve received by email, what they’ve received in the post, and any interactions they’ve had with us. Now, it used to be day 62 that they made their decision, but by knowing the journey and tweaking what they were exposed to, we’ve got that timeframe down and increased our conversion rate. And there lies the value in knowing the customer journey. 

So, what do you do next?

 It doesn’t just stop there. Consider everything. What is the customer exposed to in their first meeting? What do they receive after that meeting? When thinking about the regularity of contact, customer milestones, the little things other suppliers wouldn’t notice. Suddenly you become one of their own. You know their next move before they do and they love you for it. Marketing is way more than acquiring prospects.

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Stay hungry people.

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