Is Your Video Really Optimised for YouTube?

by | Feb 26, 2021

Are the videos that you’re posting to your business YouTube channel really good enough for the platform?

By its nature, YouTube is a very competitive platform. There are millions of channels bidding for users time and attention… so what are you doing to earn it?

Here are a few tips to help you get started….

1 – Quality & orientation

 There is a crucial difference in the way that people watch video content on YouTube VS how it is watched on other platforms like Facebook, Instagram and even Twitter… and that is orientation! 

The majority of people who are watching YouTube are watching it on a landscape monitor, be that a desktop screen, laptop, TV or tablet. And although a large number of users watch on their phone, the majority of these people are turning their phones sideways and watching landscape. 

So, make sure that your video is filmed with this in mind.

Users on the platform also are used to higher production value and video quality, so if possible make sure that you are uploading your video at 720p or higher.

People watch YouTube on all sorts of screens and those of us who watch on our TV will definitely notice if your video isn’t HD….

2 – Keep it concise

 We all know you could talk about your business for hours, without taking a breath or losing interest… that is great, we love to see that passion! But even on YouTube, attention spans are shorter than they used to be.

 The shorter the better, for general content, try to keep it under 10 minutes. Make sure you tell viewers what the video is about in the opening 30 seconds as well as any crucial information.

 There are plenty of reason you might do a longer-form video, for example, if you are filming a podcast. But the majority of users aren’t going to give you their attention for 40+ minutes.

3 – Attention-grabbing titles

 With all the videos on offer, how are you even going to get someone to click on your video in the first place?

 You need to play the game, these days, there is no shame in making your title a bit ‘clickbaity’. Give potential viewers a reason to watch. Don’t lie about what is in the video, but generate intrigue, ask a question or present a problem.


4 – Get the most out of your Thumbnail

 The thumbnail (or image that is displayed next to the title of your video on the home page and search areas of YouTube) is a powerful tool, use it wisely.

 Don’t just leave it as the default!

 There are plenty of free online tools to help you create an eye-catching, informative and impactful thumbnail… get creative. Take a look at what other channels are doing. Use images, text, colour.

 This is often an overlooked area and if you get it right, it could see you standing out above your competitors’ channels.


5 – Production value

 Finally, up your production value!

 Like we said earlier, Audiences on YouTube are used to a slightly higher level of production than you see elsewhere on the internet.

 Now, that doesn’t mean you need a professional production crew with green screen sets and a crane cam…. Even just investing in some nice simple lighting equipment, a good quality microphone and taking the extra 5 minutes to make your framing perfect will go a long way!

And that’s it folks, yes there is just really scratching the surface of YouTube, but these 5 tips should help you up your game!

 If you want to discuss how you can get more out of your content, across any platform, visit our website and book yourself a Discovery Call with Andy or Joel, we would love to help!

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