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Here Are Your Keys to Website Success…

by | Jul 10, 2020

Who doesn’t want website success? But how do you get it? A quick Google about improving your website and you’re immediately hit with enough overwhelm and fancy abbreviations to put you off.

Don’t be discouraged though. Website success is crucial for your business, of course, and I have two main ways to get it. No overwhelm in sight!

The two keys to website success

Underneath it all, websites need two things. They need to get found and they need to convert. The usual problem is that most businesses focus on one and not the other.

They’re either obsessed with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) or their website copy & layout. You need both.

SEO what?

If it’s SEO, businesspeople can drive themselves crazy doing Google searches all the time, obsessing where their competitors feature in the rankings. They click on competitors’ Google Ads to cost them money. You know the sort. Many business hours have been lost to the fatal obsession with SEO…

More to the point, many people don’t even realise that they need to be doing Google incognito searches, i.e. showing virgin search results, not search results that Google will skew according to what they’ve previously searched for.

Fellow business owner, do you copy?

If it’s website copy &layout people are worried about, they’re forever changing text and moving pages around. Fiddling. Every day. It’s a soul-destroying habit!

You must look at both traffic and conversion. Focusing on one is just half the battle.

What good is an awesome website with bugger-all traffic? What good is loads of traffic if none of it comes to anything?

You want the best of both worlds, right? Who doesn’t?!

More to know about SEO

Let’s look at SEO. It will take time and money but it’s totally worth it.

A new website is like a new car. If you don’t look after it, and you don’t spend on it, it will start underperforming and that’s the reality. No magic fix or hidden secret.

This is why we invested in an awesome SEO tool for our clients. Software that speaks in plain English, not technobabble, telling a client where their website’s strengths and weaknesses are. Then they know what to address and how. This eliminates guesswork or listening to bad advice from Cousin Steve, who does a bit of web design. Thanks anyway though, Steve….

If you’d like a free SEO audit, drop a line to hello@codebreak.co.uk
and we’ll send you the link.

You’ve got to nail your copy first!

You want to look at your website copy and layout first. If a website is underperforming, some business owners think the “cure” is getting more people to it. No, no, no. That’s something Steve would say.…

Copy first, traffic second.

I have seen too many businesses spend money on pay per click when the websites they’re driving people to simply aren’t up to scratch. It’s just money down the drain.

When it comes to good website copy, there is one question you need to be asking yourself:
What is the no.1 thing you want people to do when they get to your website?

Buy something? Sign up to a newsletter? Send an email enquiry?

All signs should point towards this. Keep it super simple. Confusion leads to indecision, which leads to the dark side. Erm, I mean, ‘no sale’.

Most people will be viewing on a mobile. So, make the copy clean and punchy. No huge sentences and paragraphs that will send both the reader and Google to sleep. Keep the page count down too. The days of War and Peace websites are long gone.

The best copywriting tip I can give you is – what is your target audience’s pain and how do you solve it for them? More of that, less of the “We’ve been established since 1857…” rubbish.

It’s all about the WIFM…

WIFM (What’s in it for me?) That’s all your website visitors will be thinking.

This is super important. Your website has to look cool, but it’s the words that will make people more likely to do what you want them to do. Which is why we include copywriting in our web design quotes.

Because facts tell but stories sell.

If your website isn’t doing what you want it to, I urge you to look at both your traffic and conversion. These are the two keys to website success.

As ever, get in touch if you’d like professional marketing assistance. I’d love to help you have a kick-ass, successful website.

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