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What Are Brand Values?

by | Aug 29, 2019

The brand values of your company are what make you unique, help you stand out and define your business.

If you are a fresh fruit delivery company, who deliver your product in 100% recyclable packaging, one of your brand values might be being eco-friendly.

Or perhaps you are a clothing boutique that focuses on creating a homely, welcoming shopping experience for customers. You might have a reading area where you offer tea and biscuits while people wait. So your brand values could include being warm and personable.

But how do you “discover” your brand values? Well, what does your company do differently? What do people think of when they think of your brand? Or – more importantly – what do you want people to think?

Think past surface buzzwords such professional and friendly; everyone will (and should) have these values. Which values truly define you as a business?

Whether consciously or subconsciously, we choose brands that we have an affinity with. We relate to their values and ultimately choose them.

 What do I do with them?

Now that you are clear on your brand values, you need to make them clear to your consumers. If you are good at something, people have to know, no matter how British and reserved you might be!

When marketing a business, Codebreak has to ensure the messages and media we choose make a lasting impression. If your adverts don’t convey your brand values quickly and simply, people are far less likely to remember you.

Take one of the examples we used earlier – the eco-friendly fruit delivery service. When approaching their marketing, they could encourage people to look after the planet with their green service. Their products may even cost a little more, but it is for the greater good.

Put the planet first.

Only work with green suppliers.

All packaging must be recyclable.

Be proud of our pricing.

You get my drift….

Our Values

Deliver happiness through excellent service

Welcome and drive change

Stay hungry

Embrace opportunity

Be adventurous, creative and open minded

Pursue growth and learning

Be confident but humble

Challenge yourself and challenge each other

Create and simplify

Togetherness and enthusiasm

There are plenty of opportunities to communicate your core brand values to your audience. Tone of voice should be high up on your list. The language you use when interacting with consumers, the personality you bring to the brand and the discussions you choose to engage in online. These elements build up your brand voice. The voice that you choose to speak for your brand will influence the purchase decisions of your audience. KFC’s social media is a great example of defining your voice.

Next, think about your brand visuals and ensure that they align too. If your company values friendliness and community, using dark, harsh visuals and contrasting colours will appear off-brand and confuse your message. Instead, use soft, bright colours that paint a welcoming atmosphere.

Finally, use your content to tell your audience about the things that are important to you. Back to the eco-friendly fruit delivery service…! They should tell (but not lecture) their audience why it’s important to make green choices. How can they help look after the planet? People who resonate with these values will then be more likely to use, talk about and promote their service.

Sign off

Your values are a crucial part of your brand. They help consumers identify and remember you and give your brand depth. Using your values at the forefront of your marketing will build a loyal base of customers, who will want to advocate your brand.

And the best part… in the local SME marketplace, hardly any businesses are doing this! No one knows what they stand for! So get their first before your competitors do!

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