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What Are Your Main Competitors Doing? Do the Opposite!

by | Nov 26, 2020

It is harder to be the champion than the contender. Ask any heavyweight boxing world champion. Ask any former Formula One champion. You can read books about leadership, competition and training – they all say the same.

Every champion has competition and every competitor is trying to figure out how to topple the other. Contenders have the luxury of picking the elements the champion does well and copying them, then picking the bits they do badly and exploiting them.

The champion, on the other hand, doesn’t have that luxury. Instead, they have to study themselves, fix their flaws, improve their greatness. And self-critique will always be tougher than critiquing others.

The other issue the champion has is that they’re too comfortable. They’ve already achieved what they set out to achieve. Now they need to motivate themselves to sustain it, which is an entirely different feeling. No longer are they in the hunt, they’re the hunted!

But why should this matter to you?

If you’re in business, you’re either in the hunt or you’re the hunted. And there is one fatal flaw that 99% of competitors in business (and sport) make…

They copy each other.

I don’t mean they critically analyse the other’s technique and then produce a report on where they’re making gains. I mean that if their competitor is doing Google Ads, they start doing Google Ads. If their competitor is a member of the local chamber of commerce, they join too. The day their competitor launches a new website, they make a start on theirs.

All reactive nonsense.

The smart business owners are opportunists. They spot what others have failed to notice. They proactively try things (and find out if they work) before their competitors even realise.

And it doesn’t matter if they’re the leading business in their field or they’re an up-and-comer. If they’re not competing with you, they’re competing with themselves. Constant improvement.

So, what does this mean for your marketing?

You need to look at the landscape. What will make a difference to your business right now? And what will improve your business moving forward?

The question isn’t “What are my competitors doing?”

One of the best things we’ve done this year is launch a printed newsletter. Whilst everyone rushed to email marketing when the first lockdown took hold, we spotted an opportunity. Post, other than bills and pizza menus, entirely stopped. A chance to get people’s attention arose. Why put ourselves in the email inbox fight with everyone else when we could garner more effective focus elsewhere?

Another great tool this year? Google Display Ads. With most people working from home, it is only natural that they are browsing more. With retargeting and Google Display Ads, your brand can track them around the internet. This makes you look incredibly established whilst your competitors are boosting Facebook like and share competitions (which, by the way, are against Facebook’s Ts & Cs).

Ask yourselves, “What can we do differently to make ourselves better?” That’s how contenders become champions and champions stay champions.

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