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What Do Your Clients Really Think of You

by | Jan 21, 2020

You should hear the things your clients are thinking about you…

We know you want to be known for being good at what you do, or else why are you doing it?

We also know how much goes into building a business that represents what you do well. It’s this process that is the make or break of your business. It’s what wins and retains clients, it’s what gets you noticed. It determines what clients think about your business.

Question is, are your clients thinking what you want them to think?

You’re suddenly dumped…

Picture the scene, you’re doing a really great job, you’re reporting the numbers to the client,
their numbers are up, they’re really busy, you think you’ve reported everything they need to know.

Then guess what? Out of the blue the client ditches you. They can’t see the benefit
of what you’re doing. They just think all of their extra revenue and success is because they’ve been working harder. The cheek of it.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone, this isn’t an issue just for you guys, every business goes through this. Every service business in the land suffers this issue, and there is a solution.

Don’t let yourself go

It’s important that you market to your clients as well as your prospects. Just because you’ve won the client, doesn’t mean you stop putting the effort in.

Tell them what you’re doing and tell them in the right way. Tell them your good news, tell them when you’ve got staff training, when staff have passed an exam, or reached a new level.

Showcase your results in an easy to digest way, so your clients can actually understand what you’re telling them, what you’re achieving for them, how that’s creating more enquiries and how that’s improving their business.

Don’t be a stranger

Get in front of them as much as possible. Arrange regular meetings to catch up where you can show them what you’re doing and discuss it.

Show them how things are working with the service you provide. Show them what’s working well and what you plan to do next.The proof is in your very well crafted pudding.

Concerned? Let’s have a discovery call and make sure your clients have the right opinion of you.

Codebreak Marketing Assistant Emily

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