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What You Can Learn From the Stay Hungry Book

by | Jun 18, 2021

If having a blueprint to marketing success would make you leap for joy, this one’s for you.

And here it is – our book, Stay Hungry: How To Create Marketing That’s Sells™ Even In The New Economy.

Yes, I know lots of stuff Codebreak produces to help businesses grow is called “Stay Hungry”. But that’s message reinforcement, innit?! You’ve got to stay hungry, in business and in life.

You may or may not know but Stay Hungry is an Amazon bestseller and it is your blueprint to marketing success. Or rather, a roadmap.

The practical heart of skyrocketing your business

It starts at the beginning and takes you, step-by-step, to your business destination. Which, presumably, is loads more sales and enquiries without impacting upon your time and wellbeing. It avoids the fluff and jargon common in marketing and gets to the practical heart of skyrocketing your business. If you’re after more Facebook likes, this ain’t for you. This is for people who want customers through Facebook, not likes. Remember what ‘likes’ stands for – lazy icons keeping everyone stuck.

So, Chapter 1 – or, rather, Step 1 – is all about nailing down your audience. You have to get this right first before spending cash and energy on any other aspect of marketing. If you buy the book, you’ll see the title of Step 1 highlights just how crucial this is. If you try and appeal to everyone, you’ll appeal to no one. There’s no money in the middle, as they say. Work out who your IDEAL customer is and picture them when you work on your marketing. Sure, you can veer a bit left and right, but always come back to that central spine. It will build you a tribe of loyal customers, it will make you money.

The importance of branding, finding your audience and automation

Then the book moves onto the importance of branding. If your press ads don’t look like your website; if your social media posts don’t read like your blogs. You get the drift. A lack of a clear voice leads to confusion and distrust, whether the reader knows it or not. People like familiarity and consistency. Because then comes trust and – hoorah – sales! Someone’s more likely to buy off a company they trust, so make it easy for them.

There are ten recommended steps for you to follow in the book, all-in-all. Getting your website firing on all cylinders, making your social media stand out and again generate you business as well as followers. You’re also told the best ways of staying in front of audience once you’ve got them. Yes, the worst number in marketing is one, as I’m fond of saying!

Underpinning everything is the use of automation and software where applicable. If your marketing is nothing more than manual tasks that get done as and when someone remembers, you’re missing out. You think of the clever stuff, but there are tools to do the heavy lifting for you.

Stay Hungry is about working smarter, not just harder.

So if you want success – whatever that may be to you, order yourself a copy here.  Stay safe and stay hungry!

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