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What’s the Weak Link in Your Customer Journey?

by | May 23, 2023

Hello. What’s going on? Another day of wonder and opportunity. 

At the weekend, I had the joys once more of taking my youngest daughter clothes shopping.

There was a top she wanted from a particular clothes shop.

The whole town centre was heaving. Packed. I must have gone through ten hand sanitisers.

And how many people were manning the tills in this shop?


Yup, one poor lady on her own.

So of course there was a massive queue.

There was also a sh*t-load of people who looked at the queue, thought, “B*gger this for a game of soldiers,” and went and shopped elsewhere.

Most businesses are guilty of this.


They’re so focused on getting new customers, they forget about the people who are already in their community.

My question to you this fine day is: What barriers to sale are there in your business?

If someone is waving money in your direction, is there something that’ll stop you from getting your hands on it?

If you’re a shop, that could be not enough people manning your tills.

Poor customer service. Not getting back to enquiries promptly.

A confusing website. No choice of payment options. No obvious call to action. No special offers. No social proof…

…the list goes on.

All it takes is one weak link in the chain to make someone think twice… and they’re gone.

You’ve got to make it EASY.

Why not write down the steps of your customers’ journey?

Take a cold, hard look at where they could drop off.

As ever, to find out more about practical marketing to move you forward, book your Discovery Call today.

Until next time, stay hungry.

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