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WhatsApp Advertising: Coming to You in 2020

by | Oct 23, 2019

The inevitable has happened. Facebook has started trialling the background functionality for WhatsApp Advertising. Very soon, they’ll be testing it at the front end in certain countries.

At some point in 2020, we’ll see ad placements go live in the status (stories) element of WhatsApp.

Just so we’re clear – WhatsApp is owned by Facebook, and therein lies WhatsApp’s strength. Facebook bought it in 2014 for $19billion.

What does this mean for your business?

The massive benefit is targeted placement on one of the world’s most popular platforms.

This will be a great opportunity to showcase your products or services to lots of people.

Let’s face it. I’ve got WhatsApp, my Mum has WhatsApp… even my Grandmother has it. The size of the audience is huge – approximately 300million daily WhatsApp users.

And, because WhatApp has the power of Facebook behind it, the targeting possibilities are equally exciting. It’s the holy grail – volume and profile.

A pizza shop could serve adverts of their delicious looking pizzas to lots of people who love pizza, hate cooking and live within their delivery radius. It is that specific!

What does it mean for your audience?

Initially, there will be little change to people’s WhatsApp experience. Much like a user will already be seeing ads in their Facebook and Instagram stories as they flick through, WhatsApp ads will work in the same way. The user will be able to engage with the ads if they choose to or click to their next status (story).


How do you make the most of this?

It is vital that you take the same approach as you do with any social media. Consider your story. What is the message you’re trying to share? Who are you sharing it with?

The more relevant and engaging your content is to the user, the better chance you have for getting enquiries/sales and being memorable. It is in your best interests to serve content that has value to that user. Not simply shouting “buy my stuff” but showcasing how you can help them.

Codebreak is looking forward to incorporating WhatsApp into our clients’ social media ad campaigns, for sure!

If you’d like to know more about the benefits of social media advertising, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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