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When You’re Wasting Money On Your Marketing

by | Jun 13, 2022

Do you know how to beat most of your competitors?

Do what you said you would.

Sounds simple but it’s true.

People have become so used to shoddy service, it’s become the norm. It’s become expected.

So if you actually do what you said you would, you’ll be ahead of the game. Some customers will be genuinely bowled over.

Here’s an example of why I’m saying this. It happened yesterday.

I went for a coffee in town with my wife and daughters. We like to support local, so chose an independent café. One of the guys working there told us to take a seat and he then brought us the menu.

“It’s table service, so someone will be with you shortly to take your order.”

Yup, you know what’s coming… and it wasn’t someone to take my order!

We sat there for 20 minutes. We even caught the eye of one of the waiting staff, she smiled and nodded. We naively thought that meant she’d come over after she’d finished serving another table.


So we left.

And people wonder why Starbucks does well. Support local, but don’t expect people to give you money just because you’re local. 

Do what you said you would.

It’ll get you more customers and more repeat business. Which also means a bigger Return On Investment from your marketing. As I’m always saying, you want all the links in the chain to be strong, from first contact to taking the cash.

So here’s the message – if someone’s trying to give you money and but there are barriers in place, don’t waste money on your marketing. Sort the barriers first, then invest,

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Have an awesome week.

Until next time, stay hungry.

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