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I Wouldn’t Do Business With Them If I Were You…

by | May 7, 2020

In business, and in life, who you hang around with matters a lot. It’s one of the things I was told when I started up in business all those years ago, but I thought it was a load of claptrap!

If I could go back, there are a couple of ideas I wish I’d been more receptive to and this is one of them. It’s a biggie.

But you do need to be careful. You can’t listen to everyone. Everyone’s got an opinion.

Everyone’s an expert when it comes to someone else’s business, you see… someone else’s money, children, pets… but the reality is, you can only listen to certain people.

Whether that is successful businesspeople in your circle, or influential people through their podcasts, videos or books etc. Whoever it might be, you need to choose specific people who you admire and listen to their opinions.

Or at least five of them…

A commonality between all successful business owners is that who you hang around with matters. In fact, some people say you’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with.

Back in the day, that literally was the five people you spent the most time with. Family, friends and, depending on your job, it may have been your work colleagues.

Now of course, with the huge growth of social media, it means that you’re also influenced by the average of the five people, or businesses, you are the most connected to on online.

Don’t let them fool you!

Every day on LinkedIn I’ll see someone post something along the lines of, “I’ve quit Facebook because it’s rubbish and full of fake news and stupid opinions…”. Lots of people will then comment saying, “Oh yeah, Steve, me too, yeah Facebook’s rubbish….”

Facebook ain’t the problem though. It’s the people and the businesses you are connected with on Facebook.

*Mind blows*

If a business page that you like is suddenly spamming you with loads of rubbish because they’re in lockdown panic mode, naturally it will wind you (and all their other followers) up.

But rather than ranting and raving, simply go and unlike their page. Why waste your time and energy? You’ve got better things to do, right?

If you’ve got friends who are getting on your nerves, maybe because they’re spamming you with rubbish too, or they’re negative or have dodgy political views, un-friend them.

But don’t break up with Facebook because of it…

If you’re a warm and fluffy person (like me…) and you don’t want a Facebook friend to get offended because they notice that you’ve un-friended them, un-follow them instead. So you’ll still be Facebook friends but you won’t get shown their posts anymore. Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

The same goes on LinkedIn. You can disconnect or un-connect, whatever term you prefer. It’s a straightforward – and liberating – thing to do.

It’s up to you though

I like the quote: “You are the creative director of your own life. Make it a good show.”

We are responsible for our own actions, who we spend time with and the kind of social media content we are exposed to. OK, there’ll always be adverts on free social media channels that you have no control over, but that’s business. If the advertisers get their targeting right, the majority of the ads you see should be based upon your interests anyway. If they’re not, it’s the advertiser that’s got it wrong, not the social media platform.

So, in short, be selective about who you mix with wherever. Be selective about who you network with and definitely be selective about who you’re connected to online. Your mindset is precious and only the right people should have any sort of influence on it.

Social media can be a wonderful thing but it is a tool. And any tool can be used for good or bad. Your social media feeds should educate, inspire and/or entertain.

If people or organisations don’t fit into one of those three categories, spend less time with them or bin them completely. Mindset matters. It’s important in business, and in life, and you can’t let all the fake news, all the negativity and wrong opinions shape you.

Your business, your livelihood, your creative directorship.

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Take care, stay safe and enjoy your show.

Codebreak Marketing Assistant Emily

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