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Why Copywriting is a Skill That Will Make You Money

by | Jan 17, 2022

You’ve heard of FOMO, right?

Fear Of Missing Out.

But have you heard of HOGO?

Hassle Of Going Out.

It’s why restaurants are getting so many no-shows. People book a table then can’t be bothered to go. They get food delivered via an app instead and sit on the sofa watching whatever new series has come out on Netflix, Prime or Disney+.

Codebreak generates leads for a lot of Heath & Wellbeing small businesses. Other gyms will always be a “problem” for our gym clients, but now it’s also online Personal Trainers. Home workout rigs. Zwift and Peloton.

Make it less effort

We can’t underestimate how people would rather avoid pain than seek pleasure. And by ‘pain’ here, I mean effort.

When effort is involved, sales go down.

That has always been the case but it’s gotten way worse. People expect everything at the touch of a button now.

If you suspect that’s going on in your business, draw a line on a piece of paper and write “eyeballs” at one end and “sale” at the other.

Brainstorm with your team about what barriers there could be in between someone seeing you and someone buying off you. List them off.

These are the pain points you need to address in your marketing.

So your marketing ends up solving the headaches before they even appear.

This is why copywriting is a skill that will make you money. It’s not simply telling people what you do. That should be a small percentage. (Yet if you look at most websites, they bang on about what they do. “We’ve been practising Law since 1972… blah blah.”)

You’ll enjoy better results by focusing on why people should use you rather than a direct or indirect competitor.

Make their decision to buy as easy as possible.

If there are barriers to purchase in your business and you’d like to talk copy that sells, feel free to book a Zoom HERE.

Until next time, stay hungry.


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