Why Having A Single Call To Action Is Vital

by | Dec 22, 2021

Joel and myself have just come back from three days away learning. Lots of mindset stuff as well as marketing developments.

Mindset’s important, of course. No point having an awesome business growth strategy if you haven’t got the attitude to deploy it. 

Anyway, we were bombarded by lots of different advertising at the hotel and there was a common theme amongst it all:

There was no clear call to action

Phone us on… or email us… or visit our website. Let’s bung in all our social media icons too. No real incentive either. No deal or discount or free info pack.

Codebreak sponsored the UK Pro League tennis last week, specifically the corporate hospitality night. We had an ad in the programme, banners in the marquee and cards dotted everywhere.

And we only wanted people to do one thing. Download our free guidebook.

It’s what the ad said, it’s what the banners said and it’s what the cards said. There was even a QR code to make it easy. Get your phone camera on that and you’d be taken direct to the form.

No confusion.

No mixed messages.

Simply get a free marketing guide to grow your business by visiting this web address.

And Bob’s your auntie’s live-in lover.

So if you’re about to run an ad campaign or sponsor something or write your elevator pitch and are trying to squeeze in multiple instructions to your potential new customers, I urge you to stop.

People like clarity. They like simplicity.

Give ‘em one thing to focus on. You’ll get better, more accountable results that way.

Until next time, stay hungry.

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